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  1. Oh man. I hit a snag. Starting to lean back to my old habits.. Been really thinking of 2 L3 15's sealed. Running 1 Polk Audi PA D1000.1 to each. Only problem is how to get past the electrical issues. There are no aftermarket alt's for the 2.2L motor in my Malibu. I do have a couple of big ass batteries from the UPS at work (CD Technologies, forgot model # at this time).

    Who needs a trunk when you can add a roof rack.. :D

  2. So, I sold my Sundown/DC stuff while back. Been running HU on stock speakers since. I'm planning a new system using a Polk Audio 5 channel amp. Looking at single sub. I was looking a getting either a L2 or L3 12 for this. Sub channel onthe amp will be pushing 500 watts. Will it matter much which sub I get for this. I will be running sealed, ~1-1.25ft3 (maybe a little more if I get creative with my box design).

    Any input will be helpful on this.

  3. Anyone ever have this happen before? I have a knu konceptz mini-anl 2 way distro block, and that bastard gets HOT after playing music loud ofr a while.

    I have 1/0 running from front to the distro, then 2 4g wires to each amp. These wires are say 3.5ft long. The ground wires were about 3ft also, but I moved my ground and now they are 1ft. Ground wires are also 4g, both amps ground to same spot.

    I tested resistance on the original ground wires and tried to test resistance all possible ways between + and - to make sure no wire might have been cut and is grounding our somehow. No resistance and same thing with continuity (which I only had continuity when testing - to - and + to +).

    Amps are a Sundown Audio 125.2 and 1200d with subs being 2 DC Sound Labs L3 12's.

    Is there anything else I need to check electrical wise?

    PS: Reason I found out it was my disto block was due to the fact that when the system was playing loud (with subs on) after a bit I'd get a god awful smell. Finally tracked it down to the plastic cover on the fuse distro.

  4. Yeah, 2 12's and a Sundown 1200d.. I had to drive around last night bumping it old school with some DJ Magic Mike and Techmaster PEB. I'm trying to remember how my old ass Blazer sounded with 4 Orion XTR 12's on a US Amps VLX-200. I think that was hitting around 145 or so. Still trying to find a meter cause I would love to know for sure.

    And here's a 1920x1080 high res for everyone. If anyone needs bigger then that let me know. My original is like 3888 x 2602.

    Background 1920x1080

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