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  1. First order of business .... SILENCE the political bull shit :-D stay tuned more news at 11

  2. new phones tomorrow .... its going to be a VERY long day ... prolly be done with work around 8 or 9

  3. i think i need to take a step back and take a break from all the technology surrounding my life. Things need to change.

  4. this weekend feels like a do nothing and think about stuff kind of weekend ... what stuff ... idk ... haven't thought about it yet

  5. Happy fourth of July

    1. Miguels
    2. Nikitaaa


      Not another mothers day guy

  6. just did the first oil change on the bike easy breezy

  7. me and madison have finally taken our first trip on the motorcycle ... long enough one where we went to another state :-)

  8. i cant say much because she has always left me speechless even after 5 but ... its been an amazing 5 years Madison Renee cant wait to see what happens next!

  9. Perfect place to take a picture

  10. Seeing all of my facebook friends tell us all they have the best and greatest mom in the world is very heart warming ... but they ALL cant be the best and greatest of them all ... SO ... let the battle begin ... who is TRULY the BEST and GREATEST of them all *DING* *DING*

  11. If life gives you lemonade ... make lemons ... life will be like WHAT !!!!

    1. SnowDrifter


      If life gives you lemons, but two in your shirt and pretend they're boobs

  12. Words can't even describe.

  13. Home sweet home that's where the heart is. Love you Detroit

  14. Day 2.5 long ass drive Kentucky was terrible spend 3.75 hours traveling 10 miles total ... Made it in at 230 with plenty of time to spend over 2 hours with the coolest cat I know catching up with Austin Ramos so glad we got to see each other def going to see you again before I go back.

  15. Who is going to be up between 2, 2:30? I see Dearborn Coney Island in my future. Hit me up.

  16. Day 1. Worked my ass off at work, took my car to get washed ... Glad I have my hidden remote to the radio the car wash people had my radio full tilt but the car was nice and clean.Had a good dinner with Ray Rayfield then drove till we got to Hernando MS and had a great evening with Clint Burks... Can't wait to go to Graceland tomorrow and finish the drive ....Michigan here I come can't wait to see everybody.

  17. Kids think they have it rough these days when their iPod runs out of storage ... Rough is when you had a Walkman and it DIDNT have anti skip

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    2. bigmizzle99


      we had rotary phones growing up for awhile...show that to a kid today!

    3. Lbox88


      I remember riding the bus with my CD walkman on my hand just holding it up so it wouldn't skip lol.

    4. rockFord_Expedition


      I remember buying an adapter that had a casette tape type thing at one end and a headphone plug on the other and thought I was a boss because I could play CD's through my am/fm/cassette HU. Haha. Thought it sounded great too. lol.

  18. logged into yahoo today ... 11521 unread mail ... im popular :-)

    1. Karkov


      Is that a record, lol, you got to be kidding me, 11,521....just damn.......

    2. ProMaxx316


      im afraid to check mine.

    3. michigancapri92


      its my junk email used for facebook youtube ect since i was 15 and i never read the mail and i never delete it haha

  19. finally saw a weight i have not seen in over two years ... 159 ... so happy to see that words cant even explain. Now i need to start working out again to get my muscles back.

    1. MrSkippyJ


      hell yeah man!! i started at 259 and I am down to about 219(isn) right now. keep up the good work!

    2. michigancapri92
    3. Skax


      congratulations man :) always good to be happy and be self confident keep up the work

  20. best part about getting those hard drives to work ... ALL my Dragonball, dragonball z, dragonball gt, and inuyasha episodes :-)

  21. it really aggravates me when people want to classify and ENTIRE group of people, religious groups, race, ect over a group of extremists .... I dont see everyone posting shit about how much they hate Christianity and the bible because a group of christian extremists want to picket a funeral. I know many Islamic, Muslim, People who are very dear friends of mine and they probably love this country more than I do ... and when people want to tell them to go back to there own country ... Look no...

    1. Skax


      yea i find that kinda wrong myself.. cant judge a book by its cover

    2. ROLEXrifleman


      I hate people on an individual level for various reasons. I don't blanket hate. If I have a reason to hate you I give you the one on one time needed to make you understand why

  22. Do you have that one person who you can't contact anymore and really wish you could to say you are sorry. Or you can contact them but wish you had the strength to say something. I sure do ... For both options

    1. OrionStang
    2. WastedTalent


      Nope. People I can't contact and wish I could to say "AIN'T LIFE A FUCKING BITCH YOU...." fill in the blank. Lol. otherwise, I can contact everyone I want to.

  23. finally able to relax !!!

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