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  1. I definitely will be posting a build log. It may take a bit to get going, but after the holidays I am jumping in head first. Thanks...will definitely look into the free ones. I don't do enough of car audio anymore to justify spending money, so free is always good.
  2. So, its been a while for me. 5 years or more, since I had any aftermarket audio on a vehicle. But it seems I got the fever back again. In the past, I would always use Torres Box Tuner when trying to figure out what the best setup is. Is that still the accepted norm? Or is there any new software that outperforms the old software? I bought a dakota extended cab earlier this year for a steal, and finally got it up and running. Just an old truck, so looking to do 2 subs, around 2k watts, decent head unit, and couple of mids and highs. Prolly FI for the subs, AQ (now known as soundquebed i believe) for the amp, AQ mid driver and tweets in the doors, and most likely an alpine single din. Pic is of the truck I've purchased. Also, any tips from people with experience on extended cabs. I did build a similar setup in an ext-cab S10 back in the 90's.
  3. I know this is an old thread, but anything new? I just bought a dakota like this, and I am looking for ideas.
  4. While extremely dangerous, this is still hilarious. At an old job, we had a female decide to shoot the 40mm launcher, and hit the top of the shelter, shattering it and almost causing the entire thing to fail. Then of course she swung it around, flagging everybody, telling everyone how sorry she was for damaging the shelter.
  5. Actually, in the video above it is not my land. It is some land a friend of mine has set up a small range on. The run and gun lane is actually a pathway that has been cut out for fourwheelers. But we were the only people there, so we decided to use it as a run and gun lane. But, I am in the process of setting up my own range.I have some property that my wife and some of her cousins inherited from their grandfather. Its about 164 acres all together. The initial setup will be just a normal shooting range. A place to go to in order to make some videos and things like that. I even have one bloke who has already wanting to rent it out on a daily basis to teach his CWP classes. But I do love the run and gun setup, so I am already studying the google earth images trying to figure out a place for a good run and gun lane. Half of it is going to be in the open field area, and the other half will be in the woods, all the way back to a river on the property. As a matter of fact, below is a video out of the series I am doing. Check it out. N8, of course they were on tripods. At least all of the ones that were in front of the muzzle...lol. I have a few gopro knockoffs, and some older 720p cameras that won't break the bank if they catch some lead at 2700f/s. So i use those to and some clever mounting techniques to get some good shots.
  6. Thanks guys...this community was always good to me in the past. Now I have alot of downtime and I am wanting to get back involved.
  7. So...been out of the car audio game for a while, but have been really active in the gun community. And I had a really good set of skills making youtube videos in the car game, and apparently there is a big audience in the gun community also. So, I have recently started making videos, blogs, reviews, etc on youtube. Here is a couple of the exciting ones. Check me out, subscribe, and give me feedback. I plan to stay here and see what all you guys have going on.
  8. So, I'm back. Probably none of you even remember me. Its been 3-4 years since I came on this site. I was very active for a couple of years. Long story short, I got married, took on a couple of kids, and lost time and money for the passions I once loved. Needless to say, I am still married, happily. I have just got to that point in my life where I realize I am going to make time for the things I love. I completely abandoned social media, youtube, and every form of extracurricular internet that I was active on. Now, I have not been active in the "Car Audio" world in a while. I still go to a show or two, and give advice to friends and help them when time permits...but I have dove headfirst into the world of firearms. I have learned as much information as I can in what time I have had. I have a new youtube channel, and I have been trying to grow it. Remembering this site, I thought about the gun section. Then it hit me...I can reconnect with all of you guys. So, I have posted a video below, just to give you an idea of things I am working on. I will also post it in the proper gun forum, so don't hit me with the ban hammer. Not here for clickbait, I legitimately am trying to make time to reconnect with my old passions, and make time for new ones. Just showing you guys what I can bring to the table. ***NOTICE: I am not familiar with some changes on the URL link process. It is obviously different from when I left. So if the link doesn't show below, just copy and paste, or come back in a bit when I figure it out.*** ***EDIT: That was way easier to post than I thought it would be...lol***
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    New To Home Audio

    ^^^Thanks man...looking at it now.
  10. Okay, so before I start, I will go ahead and let you guys know that I am more than familiar with the specifics of audio. I understand ohmage, amperage, and all the ins and outs. But, I have never built a home stereo from scratch. I need to know where is a good place to start. I have no idea what to look for in a reciever, or if I need an amplifier to go with it, and all that stuff. I'm hoping you guys can help me find a good place to start. I'd have to set a budget of about $400 on a reciever. When it comes to subs and other speakers, I'd like to have it setup as a 5.2 surround. My concern is this...is it possible to buy a 5.1 reciever, and split the subwoofer signal? This is the kind of stuff I don't know, and will need help with.
  11. idk why it posted a link instead of embedding it.