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  1. Yeah when I'm on it, it will dip down to like 12.5 or high but never below that holds steady
  2. Lol again Mech man don't you just hate cell predicting text
  3. Actually to be honest the mechanism alternator I bout is the higher series holds my voltage pretty good so when I driving it rarely dips near 13.1. I have it set at 14.4 so when drive it holds at about 14.2 when I'm getting on it. The batteries save my Ass to though oh trust me more are coming 1 more 2400 in the back and swap the one out in the front
  4. A mechanical 270 with adjustable voltage a yellow top in the front soon to be xs power 2400 and 2 kinetic 2400 in the rear 3 runs of positive and 2 of negative
  5. Yeah man this is my first purchase of dc audio and ive been a fan for awhile so just ready to hear and feel what ive been watching for so long
  6. yeah i know man just ready to see those lvl 6's man, i been without for a year now its sucks no bass
  7. But i cant get in touch with him its been 2 weeks since i ordered my 2 lvl6 18's and 7.5k
  8. Hey Jeff I was trying to call you today and yesterday but I'm pretty sure you are busy but what's the latest on my order. This Is Carlando
  9. I totally understand and i am patient this is my first long awaited order with dc and I'm grateful to now be a part of something that represents true car audio and power
  10. Hey Jeff this is Carlando I was wondering when could I get a tracking number for the level 6's and my 7.5k thanx
  11. I just purchased my 2 level 6 18's and 7.5k from Jeff corona sells rep
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