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  1. whatever you do dont run it one some l7s, they start to fry hahahaha. Youll like it tho, I love my ext-3000d Did you check ebay at all? I remember seeing one on their last week, along with a fried 150.1 It might still be on there, otherwise ill check my bookmark on it, and give you the sellers name, maybe it didnt sell because he didnt get his reserve. I was interested in it, but wasnt sure if I could strap that with my spl dynamics :R
  2. Id say the pioneer avic units. Id settle for a n1 or whatever, and them are pretty old now.. I just like the pioneers becasue from what I read on their units they have gps built into the unit all for $1600 and under depending on where you buy it. Where as alpine, clarion, eclipse all require you to buy the screen/dvd/cd/mp3/tuner unit for about 1600, and then drop at least another 1200 on the gps unit.
  3. hmmm i thought I read a mile, maybe I just remember seen the mile part, and not the number infront of the mile :R I know I park my car far away from where I work in the factory, and by the time Im ready to leave my jobsite at work, I have my car started. hehe thats good enough for me I guess. Thanks for the replys guys. I will mess with it tomorrow, getting kinda late now, and I dont wanna accidently set it off when my hood is all asleep.
  4. Also, maybe you can ask him to take some pictures of the trunk space too, but Id still get exact measuements from floorboard to rear deck, wheel well to wheel well, and from rear seats to rear of the car. If you get all this info ahead of time, you can have the box all drawn up and designed by the time he comes. Just a thought.
  5. May I ask you a surious question? How are you going to tell how much space you have to work with from a picture? You aint going to know deminsions from looking at a picture, unless the picture tells you them. Why dont you ask your friend to measure out the max dimensions of his trunk. Id also ask him if more trunk space is used up while top is down, or if he has the same amount of space with the top up or down. I dont belive the Bxi1606ds are very large in size, you should easily have room to mount them either behind, infron, or on the side of the box some where, maybe on the rear seats if his rear seats fold down, just make sure to secure the wires to the seat so they dont rip out the amp when you fold the seats up and down. My friend has two 3515s in 4 cubed box, they sound pretty good, I think your friend would be very pleased with the 12s!! :^
  6. LoL buy 50 of them for 50 bucks, and wall them! Reminds me of the video i seen on ROE of the 6x9s that hit like 151 if I remember right.
  7. I forget which alarm I have, but I know its a viper, and it has the blue remote with the lcd screen and a 1 mile range if I remember right. I changed the battery in it becasue it was getting dead, and I cant find my manual to figure out how to turn the vibrate and the backlight back on. Any help? Thanks
  8. its deff freek a leek followed by late night tip. You can easily tell when the bass pauses for a second and you can actully hear voices.
  9. ya, I dont have the one he did, but I have the slowed down chopped and screwed or whatever he based it off of, and one I attempted to make which kind of turned out like crapola... > Thats why I said, if your talented and have acidpro or some other audio editing softwear you can make your own in whatever hertz you want and get creative with it Here are the links to where the 2 are hosted. I used megaupload.com, its free and semi fast compaired to other hosting sites. Just enter the 3 digit verfication in the box, and wait 45 seconds for your download to begans. Chopped and screwed -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1H0ED6MY My remake (dont laugh) -> http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XW8XHDQ3 PeAcE
  10. Lol. I came here looking for another song, and seen this topic. so sorry for bringing back an old topic.. I think I have the "in the air tonight" song that was used in the truck with the 24 12s or whatever. I remember wanting that song a long time ago too. But like I said, it is bassless, but you could add your own bass like I did The one i redid isnt all that bad, it bangs pretty good in my house with the four 15s, but in the car i dont think it sounds the best, I could of brought the mids and tweets up higher in acid, but didnt realize it right away. Ill upload them too a hosting company later tonight, but for now its bar time
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