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  1. It takes so much self control to not build my system now, spring needs to get here now

    1. Kyblack76


      pfffft... get to work clown...

    2. Rich Schenk

      Rich Schenk

      I feel you. Want to work on my doors myself.

  2. Damn, forgot how boring being single is lol Doesn't help I don't drink haha

    1. tdsa23


      I feel you when no one is picking up it sucks.

    2. Keith77


      have to make your own sammiches too.

  3. Need some components to play nicely with a DC 175.4 at 2 ohm per ch. Suggestions??

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    2. OrionStang


      Why 2 ohms? Get two sets of Hertz XL's and run four ohms, loud and clean. Or four sets if you must have 2 ohms.

    3. CNF Kevosinn

      CNF Kevosinn

      ah man...ken is right...love the sound of the xl's

    4. CJ18


      Sending you a text

  4. Selling my AQ HDC3 motors and T3 TSNS motors, buy some raw power, just recones from PSI or Fi lol

  5. Broken overdrive sprocket in kryptonite, bring on transmission #3!!

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