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    Jumpolines. At least that's what they were called before your mom got on one.

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  1. One eye chips with brown eye flavor?
  2. So Eminem's daughter Hailie is 21. feel old yet?
  3. Nothing I know will get you more friends quicker than buying a trailer.
  4. I can't imagine a worse place to drop a screwdriver
  5. if that was any clearer I'd make it my new avi
  6. The front ones will LP at 4k and HP at either 80 or 100 depending on what I'm listening to. Rears will just HP at the same 80/100 on up. Love having filter control in the HU. I know they're low Qts for free air so I got some foam baffles. I figure since they're foam/paper they'll need the weather protection anyway.