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  1. Yeah, didn't sound like timing went all to shit, but then again, it never ticked before it threw the code. Wondering if when it jumped a valve kissed a piston and knocked a lifter loose.
  2. Pushrod V8 ftw. Think I'm.closer to just getting an old square Chevy I can work on.
  3. I've had 3 cars with timing chains, never with a chain replacement, 2 went over 250k and the last one at 180k... never an issue with timing. Maybe if the moon's align and rainbows appear in the night would it happen, but it's probably less common than throwing a rod. Speaking of throwing a rod (i was so pissed) I did have a 95 cougar once with a 4.6L, floated the valves because the computer shifted the transmission into 1st a few times at 70. That one ended up dropping a valve into the cylinder and eventually broke a rod. The motor STILL ran with 7 cylinders and otherwise hadn't jumped time.
  4. I trust this shop and all, since they handle all our company cars... but damn they're just now giving me a "worst case" quote and lifting the motor to look inside. Waited all day for a sensor just to tell me "it's not the sensor that's the problem" when the goddamn motor is ticking. Maybe I'm being impatient, or an asshole, or both... but $760 is ridiculous for a repair for a problem that shouldn't even exist, and wouldn't exist on a timing chain motor.