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  1. was gonna say, this build is by far my favorite on the forum. all sorts of cool shit. hell, I can't even pick my favorite feature, torn between the oscope and the load-switching relays
  2. Dog takes "gettin pussy" literally
  3. I've decided to withhold a fixed amount. Forget "claiming" on w4s. Won't be hard to figure out how much you will have to pay. It only matters what you owe on 12/31. If you have to stroke a small check on april 15th then that means you got to hold onto your own money longer.
  4. It'll be 10 pounds of shit in a 2 pound bag, but yes, you can make it work.
  5. If Steve's new dash cam is any better than the one I have (and I think it is) I'd really recommend it. Dash cam will save your ass one day, I promise.
  6. So Goo Gone makes a good smelling half decent stain