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  1. "My owner is such a dickhead..."
  2. well, im just a cluster fuck of bloodlines... Spaniard, Filipino, Scottish, German, Cherokee, and a lot of other shit I'm sure. My skin was a lot darker as a kid than now, too. I've been called Chink, Spic, Nigger, Wigger, Cracker, Wet Back, Flip, and White Male CIS. I suppose I have a unique perspective about race and racism... I've been jumped by black guys who repeatedly called me chink and cracker. Been jumped by white guys who called me Wigger and nigger because of who I hung out with. (won my fair share of fights, don't get me wrong) What I find is that using race as an attribute to any part of a discussion, judgement, or rant, is just a small minded way to justify an opinion which is usually not very well thought out to begin with. If it comes to it, I might make a judgement call based upon demeanor or geography (don't take my girls with me if I have to stop in oak Cliff for some reason, and keep my doors locked).. How people think race even matters is just dumbfounding to me. ChinkSpicNiggerWigger signing off./rant
  3. For when you want to be one of the cool kids but realize you aren't stupid enough to eat an actual tide pod