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  1. sucks... This is the reason I am no longer with Verizon... But I cannot really blame carrier for hardware issues... Management on the other hand is to blame. They do not feel the need to satisfy every customer. Shitty CS is the reason for loses customers, hardware is hardware.. Sometimes it is just shitty.. lol
  2. Hey guys. Name is Danny and I live here in Jersey. Have been to the site many time before the upgrade, alot going on since the last time I came on here. Maybe too much..lol Saw a tool that SMD is coming out on with soon that someone was talking about on SSA and it sparked my interest so I started to linger and here I am, now a member... hahaha I currently have a 2003 Toyota Camry and got back into car audio when my ex girlfriend bought me my Pioneer HU... I told her it was a badd idea because I might not spend money on her anymore if she gave me a HU. So here I am now, single and with a system I am going through slowly and making into a wonderful sounding vehicle. Current setup is a follows: Pioneer P610BT Boston Acoustics GT2-125 JL 500/1 SSA Icon 12" Going to install some Polk Audio tweets in the dash soon. Have some Alpine 6x9 in the doors that will be coming out soon for a possible Polk Audio MOMO component set. Need to look into get a HO alternator if the auxiliary battery I have sitting in my room for installation at a later date does not help with the voltage drop and light dimming.. Hope to see some good stuff on here and possibly learn a few things that will help me along the line.. -Shogen
  3. Yes, that is exactly right.. Hopefully they get more competitive with pricing cuz this wack ass $25 data for 2GB is caca. I have exceeded that limit waaaaaay too many times since the updated data plans. I tether the SHYT out of my Nexus One. Esepcially since I had to move into this roach motel.. lol
  4. The only shitty thing maybe for current T-mobile subscribers is when they go to "upgrade" ... Might not be happy about some of the premiums... Other than that, it should benefit most... I do think they might end up forced into a split though down the road..
  5. I had heard this from the Sony Ericsson rep that comes to the company meetings last week. Apparently was a deal spoken about many months ago and took this long to come up with a number.... lol... Glad to see this merger though, will make the cellphone service companies strive to offer more at possibly better pricing...
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