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  1. Yes friends, the Toro MR2 is the smallest 500W amp I've ever seen. It fits in the palm of your hand and also in many pant pockets...crazy! This micro sized subwoofer amp is rated to deliver: 230W at 4 ohms 320W at 2 ohms 500W at 1 ohm Let's take a closer look at this 80 US Dollar micro sized subwoofer amp to see what it includes, how much power it puts out, how it powers a 12" subwoofer and what's inside. Watch on YouTube in 4K or embedded below:
  2. Time for another Flea Market amp test. Today we will look at the American Legacy LA3090D, the largest monoblock from Legacy's 2005 amplifier lineup. Although the amp states "3000W" on the plexi panel, the manual mentions 1200W RMS or 3000W max. It is not unusual for amps like this to have bloated ratings and usually they don't even state RMS numbers. Not sure why, but this amp just looks cool to me and it would be really cool if the amp could perform as advertised. The LA3090D sold for $140 back in 2005 although the "retail" price was over $300. Yeah, right, that's the price they would show at the local Flea Market before slashing the price to over 50% off...today only! I must say if I saw an amp like this I may have been swayed to pick one up. Could it possibly be a legit flea market amp? Ratings as shown in the manual: 4 ohms - 400 watts RMS 2 ohms - 800 watts RMS 1.3 ohms - 1200 watts RMS 1 ohm - 3000 watts "MAX" Other than JL Audio and maybe MMATS amps, I don't recall companies giving ratings at 1.3 ohms. It was my thoughts this amp couldn't really handle 1 ohm. Well, it does, kinda. You'll see what I mean in the video. Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
  3. Today we are taking an in-depth look at the Taramps Smart 3, a somewhat revolutionary product in the inexpensive, full bridge amplifier design area. This amp promises to deliver 3000 watts across 2, 1.8, 1.6, 1.3 and 1 ohm loads. The equal power portion is nothing new as JL Audio has shown the Slash series amps that incorporate equal power across several ohm loads as well for almost 20 years now. In addition, Rockford Fosgate has the BDCP design in their Power Series amps which performs a similar function. That said, this Taramps Smart 3 provides one huge benefit...price! This amp at the time of filming is $265 shipped from Amazon, an incredible value! Watch the detailed review of this amp including overview of the features, Amp Dyno test, subwoofer demo and a super technical dive into the design of this amp from our friend across the pond Sam from Barevids. Make sure to check out Sam's channel if you want to learn more about amplifiers and more. Note: I bought this amp, the review was unbiased with no input from Taramps as far as reviewing the content or having any input in my thoughts. That said, this is an incredible value for a 3kW amp and is proof they are moving forward in the right direction.
  4. Here is a short segment from Episode 28 of 12V Talk where Rob and I discussed car audio dealers. This piece discusses Jonathan Price and his unique place in car audio as an "online dealer". We discuss why we think JP is the smartest man in car audio with his business model. We also talk about Crutchfield and show Rob's winning entry in a 2008 contest. See full Video Podcast: https://youtu.be/UieaS8TuNjU Subscribe to 12V Talk: https://www.youtube.com/12VTalk Rob's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/HiFiVega Rob's Winning Wheelchair System: https://youtu.be/aL7cPmNzxqY
  5. I used the 400x4 for many years and it's a great sounding amp. As always, with the older amps you take a chance of having issues. The 400x4 is from 1996, so it's 24 years old. That said, I'm still using a 1993 Punch 200 DSM in my daily driver and have been for almost 5 years with no issues.
  6. Recently, I reviewed the micro-sized Sundown Audio SAM-500D amplifier and it appears a lot of folks are looking for small amps. While browsing Amazon, I came across this Skar Audio SK-M5001D for $119, which is almost 1/2 the price of the Sundown amp. I just had to get one of these in to try out. Let's find out how it performs and welcome Sam from Barevids as he joins us as our technical amp guru for the "amp guts" portion of the video.
  7. Buying a new car or truck can be a very stressful event. Nowadays most car makers offer "premium" audio systems that are said to provide concert quality sound in your car. I recently purchased a 2019 Ford F-150 Lariat 4x4 as an end of the year deal and my vehicle came with the B&O (Bang and Olufsen) Beoplay premium sound system. This premium system includes 10 speakers (8 physical speakers), 675 watts including an 8" subwoofer. In this video, I'll provide info on the system, do sound tests, test the SPL output of the system and get a professional opinion from Dean & Fernando at Five Star Car Stereo. Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
  8. Awe yeah, here's a video I made back in 2018 and just getting around to editing and posting it. This Phoenix Gold Xenon X2000.1 is a prototype and the model was never produced for retail sales. Why, might you ask? Well, the amp supposedly incorporated the RIPS technology (like JL Audio Slash series) which allows it to produce the same power across multiple ohm loads by varying the rail voltage. This amp is rated to deliver 2000 watts at 4, 2 or 1 ohm loads. Let's take a closer look and test it out on the SMD Amp Dyno to see how it performs at 4, 2 and 1 ohm loads. Watch on YouTube or embedded below:
  9. Let's check out Rockford's budget 500 watt monoblock and see if it's a worthy component to the Alpine MRV-M500 we've already tested... The Rockford Fosgate Prime R500X1D is rated to deliver 300 watts into a 4 ohm load or up to 500 watts into 2 ohms. The amp is not rated to handle 1 ohm loads and is optimized for 2 ohms or greater. Watch as we put this amp through the tests on the Amp Dyno as well as powering the 12" Lord of Bass sub inside the Gately Audio acrylic box. There is a new design of the Prime 500 coming out in 2020, we'll be sure to get one of those to try out as well. Disclaimer: I purchased this amp off Amazon and the video was not reviewed by any 3rd party interest. All of the opinions in this video are mine and not swayed by any corporate interest Watch Video in Full 4K UHD quality on YouTube or embedded below: .
  10. The Alpine MRV-M500 has been around since 2012, but now is available at a discount on Amazon. These amps usually cost around $250, but now are available at $129 for a limited time. I picked up one of these due to the popularity and deep discount. I figured people may like to see more about this amp and how it performs. Make sure you watch all the way until the end so you see additional tests! Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
  11. I get asked almost daily when I'm testing the next Orion amp. Well, those who continually ask, here ya go! Today I try out the baby brother of the XTR-2500.1dz, the XTR-1500.1dz. At the time of the video, this amp was available on Amazon for $220 shipped. Who knows what the price will be when you check, but I've been told by Orion this amp is discontinued and will be replaced with a more powerful version. We will get one of those to try for sure! Let's take a closer look at this 1500 watt amp and see how it performs on the Amp Dyno! Make sure you stay tuned until the end of the video as I sneak in another amp and test after the end credits! Yeah boi! Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD video quality or embedded below:
  12. Here are my thoughts on this. The amp is sold as a "3000 watt" amp and NO mention of mid/highs use. How many people buying these are using them for mids/highs? Probably less than 5% of buyers here in the US. If the amp is only designed for mid/high use, then you should EXPLAIN this to the consumer CLEARLY. Otherwise stuff like this is going to happen. Timpano made a follow up vid saying the Amp Dyno couldn't measure this amp properly, but they didn't get into the why. The amp puts out a lot of noise and distortion making it almost impossible to get a certified reading using this amp. They show an o'scope and say the signal is clean. You can't see THD on an o'scope and in many cases can't see clipping until it's too late. The worst thing to do here is to blame the person testing the amp. Take the data, make the amps better and let's try again. Oh yeah, maybe think about some overcurrent protection?
  13. $229 for 3000 watts sure sounds like the deal of the century! These Timpano amps have been showing up lately online and at the prices and rated RMS power, they sure seem like interesting amps. Today we take a closer look at the TPT-3000EQ 1 ohm model. Unfortunately, the amp didn't survive the Amp Dyno tests, but what happened? Was this a fluke? Incorrect test? Bad design? Let's take a closer look and find out... Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
  14. Today we are taking a closer look at this sub $25 amplifier available on eBay. It touts "600 watts MAX" and we know how that goes, but how much power does it really do? We take a closer look and test it out on the Amp Dyno and also try it with a subwoofer. How big is the lie? Watch on YouTube in 4K UHD quality or embedded below:
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