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  1. Should I get the taramp start 3k bass?
  2. BassMunky

    Amp type

    Gonna get the taramps amp and was wondering what the difference between the two and what should I get or won't make a difference. Gonna run 2 12 sub of the amp. Taramp bass 3k Taramp hd 3000
  3. How long does wire last ofc, CCA. Range from 14ga to 1/0 I had my wire for my system for over 10 years..
  4. Ok update pulled wire was white cut and stripped back wire and was white and powder.
  5. What would have caused the ground wire for the amp to be really hot? Any variables?
  6. Check my build 1/0 from alt to front to back battery. Ground each battery close by with less then 12 in of 1/0 cable. Splits to 1/0 to 2 4ga for the sub anp 1500rf and mids and high amp 100.4 sundown. Both have 4g ground less then 12 in. If that helps
  7. Here another problem went to redo and check the ground wire on the amp. Loosened all the way and I don't know I'm the wire melted or not cause it won't come out. Also gonna be hard to use reducer cause the power connection right next to it. I'll try look around at reducers that won't ground the power
  8. So driving home for 1/2 hr then my sub kicks in and out. Music still plays. What causing this? Rf 1500bdcp amp. 4g ground to frame truck it like 12in at most. Soo the ground wire going in the amp to my stinger voltmeter melted a lil. It when I got home and touched everything the amp was warm and the 2 ground wires was really hot to touch. What caused this? Have 2 batteries with fuses. Agm group 31 been running this system for 5 yrs now no problems till now. Gains was set properly with the smd.
  9. If I have the 9/16 lug and threaded bolt for the ground is 3/4 what options I have to make it work? Drill lug hole bigger, splice the lug? Looking for options also beside cutting the lug of.
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