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  1. So unknown to me, my Mechman was scheduled to come in yesterday. Talk about a pleasant surprise. Luckily enough I was outside cleaning my car when FedEx showed up because I had to sign for it.




    Unfortunately my day was completely packed so installation had to wait til about 9pm. I can't say it was a difficult install, but it definitely wasn't fun considering the engine was still hot from driving to the garage.


    Took me right at 2 hours to uninstall and then install the new Mechman.

    Now here is my issue, I'm not seeing any improvement since the install. Voltage under load is still the same. The problem is believed to be that my PCM is regulating the amperage. It is not externally regulated because I didn't think about it when I ordered it. Doing some research online on a Taurus forum, I read that you can clip the ground wire to the alternator from the PCM and then ground it else where to bypass the PCM. Has anyone done this or heard of this being done? I really don't want to cut into the harness on my car unless I know it's going to work like it's suppose to.

  2. 0502151320a.jpg

    I have actually been looking into purchasing a set of these to add into my front doors behind my PRV Neos. I've heard only good things about them and I am interested in giving them a shot. More than likely would buy a second set to add behind my Crescendo PWX6s in my rear doors. On top of the double layer of Shok Mat on the inside of the door skins I'm sure these would more than help my midbass range.

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  3. Well I can finally say that I almost got a ticket for a noise ordinance violation the other night. I had just got done doing a demo for one of my buddys that I hadn'r seen in a while and he hadn't seen the new setup since it had been installed. So naturally after we went our separate ways I still had the volume cranked and the gain all the way up. Cruisin' down one of the main strips in town I passed a cop sitting at a stop light and didn't think anything about it. Next thing you know I see the cherry and berrys in the side mirror (since my rear view completely fell off) and I pull over. He proceeds to tell me why he pulled me over and that the noise ordinance in our town is that if you can here it from a distance of 40ft or greater than it is a violation. Then he also went on to tell me that he could hear me before he saw me and that as I drove past his vehicle I vibrated his car. He let me off with a verbal warning and told me to keep it down.

    With all that being said....


  4. you can't say that the 8's will be louder than what you have now.

    think about it. you ARE replacing 2 12's with 2 8's. it seems like you are expecting a hell of a lot from those 8's

    Those SA-8 have larger motor and more excursion which will cause more air to be moved. Plus those SA-8s RMS at 400watts a piece and I will be throwing about 700watts at them. If they aren't louder then they aren't louder then they aren't louder.

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