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  1. I feel ya man. Brakes on my daily driver where squealing like a bitch last night. I sprayed some wd 40 all over the rotors, and the squealing IS GONE !!!. Im so relieved. I thought i was going to have to like, really fix them or something. Whew.....
  2. Bro,.. in seriously jelly of your area. That is super cool man. Good for you. Can I ask where are you? Washington? Oregon ? If you dont want to say on here, PM me if your more warm and fuzzy with that. Anyway, super nice area, and man, you have a lot of serious hardware. Good on ya. Happy shooting all.
  3. How did it go bro?? I was on shift this weekend, and on sunday, i was like "hmmmmmmm,... wonder how Nate is doing" LOL.... no joke. How did it go? Got some vids i can see? Send me in private or whatever mang,... id love to see. Hope you had fun (and did ok of course, but,.. hope you had a good time. Priorities )
  4. WHAT UP MANG !!!!!!!..... A thought of you crept in my mellon the other day. Hope your doin aight brosef.. KB
  5. All about hanging out with everyone i think anyway. Ya, i liked to push our rig, just to beat ourselves, and learn, and improve the rig. Try things that make sense, that actually helped, or, try shit, that just was a uder fail boat lol. Had it all. The learning, and late nights, was fun as shit to, i think. But, 99.9999% of it, was (just an excuse) being with friends/family, kicking it. Hanging out, chillin in a fold out chair, sippin a beer, shooting the shit, talking about gear, and the rigs, getting or giving shit to, or from your friends, how they, or you, shit the bed in the lane, or completly missed a start, or blew over in a .99 bass race discipline, just having a blast, smiling and laughing the entire damn day. Winning worlds twice was neat, but, ..... more than anything, i miss seeing my good friends. Some really really good people involved with it, from ALL over. Hours, .. hell, states away. Traveling to the events, was a blast in itself. Get a hotel room outta state, compete/hang out all day, then rage that night. Dinner, drinks, ... silliness, all of it. I really really miss that, most of anything. I miss that.
  6. All drivers sharing same air space yo....
  7. Depending on his enclosure, he could be stuck in Super Street 1-2. Dudes doin 60s. He may even get stuck in extreme. I'd have to see his build.
  8. It ain't all about winning. Go have fun... meter ruined it for me.. Also, that is a hatch back ya? If your liver the window line, with the enclosure, you may be stuck in extreme. I dont know your build and all DB rules, but, they are there. (Rules)
  9. 4 drivers... 4 boards.. Done.
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