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  1. 416 looks dope. Let me know what you think. The rmr for the p10f came today. Cz Custom plate and it's on, and the DPP back on the sp01 where it belongs.
  2. Scott and Dan, put that in the box, for retards that play 800hz below their tuning. Those that get and know their gear..... well, they know. Edit- and again, those are variable for a reason. There is NO set place to run a adjustment like that. My shit isnt your shit, my music, way of play, goals, wants, needs, gear.... isnt what you have. Period
  3. Whatever. I dont. See how that happens ??? For our builds, the subsonic setting had no matter. Do what is best for your shit. Could care less what they (Dan, Scott or Brian) says about my rig. I know Fi real real well mate. trust me
  4. The settings are variable for a reason. What is good for me, may not be for you. Adjust to your liking, or to YOUR set up/gear. Like the last post. My low pass started at 45-50. And fuck a high pass(subsonic). That is what I wanted to play.
  5. Do you have the amp fused at all? If you do, what size?
  6. Running voltage so low the amp shuts off..... nicley done.
  7. Way nice Wil , .. .way nice. Good shit Brando.... wish i could hear it. Best of luck. fuck face
  8. Holy hell. I got lost looking at the figures/pics below. Lol.. Jesus. ...
  9. ^^^^^ that... I hate using deck power to run anything. Get a small dedicated amp for the mids a d highs. One of the best upgrades you, or anyone can do mate. Deck power blows.
  10. I wanted to say this the other day, but didnt want to get into a deep convo regarding impedance plots and graphs. Also OP, do NOT say "box rise", please say "impedance rise" from now on. Please. Fact is, is if it sounds good to you, and your not competing, dont even worry about power being made. You will go down a rabbit hole... trust me. If competing isnt in your future, dont sweat it, and just want and enjoy your set up. in the end, thata why your doing all this, spending your hard earned cash, time and effort. Fuck all that, throw in your favorite tunes , get stoned, and space cruise your ass off, with a big stupid smile. Enjoy mate. Happy jamming
  11. Loved my p10c so much I nabbed a p10f optic ready one. Got 2 plates for it. One for my DPP i run on my spo1, and one for a rmr that will be here mid week. Took the DPP of the spo1 for now to try on the p10f. I love it
  12. Yep. It has shit the bed, if everything the ops says is legit. Shes done.
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