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  1. All the lanes, world championships ive been to,......... no a single person "strapped" their amplifiers. Not a single one. Cheers. (also, it was for easy, and reliability,.. just saying).

    But hey, do you,.. so you can say "strapped" in your videos or whatever. Guess it sounds cool to dipshits. 

    1. audiofanaticz


      Strapped amps make less power compared to being ran normally, they are also more likely to go into protect, you also loose phase control on those larger multi sub installs.

    2. Kyblack76


      Bruh. I really really think,... its just saying the word "strapped" when they talk about their system. 

  2. Jesus christ. Joint got rocked by a bug eh? lol,,,,,,

  3. Brian/Audiofanaticz  - Check your DM's please. 

  4. @SnowDrifter  Hey boss, check our dm's buddy... sloppy kisses. KB


  5. RIP CES alts. Bone head move imho. 

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    2. kalilac619


      I agree!! For the longest I thought he WAS CES ...but I run Singer so double meh 😘

    3. Soccerballzs


      He put his 2 week notice in they asked him to leave.  Employers right.  He will get 2 weeks unemployment.  

    4. WalledSonic


      CES's primary business is electric motor repair, which brings in 10x the revenue that the alternators do.  CES will be just fine without Jon.  Jon's gonna start his own company apparently next week.  I cant believe he did what he did at CES for only $70k/yr.  Thats crazy; totally not enough for the epic CS he offered.  I'd message their business page in the middle of the night (not his personal DM), and he would jump in and reply at like 3am.  He took the time to explain the difference between the 3 phase motors I'm accustomed to and the 6 phase alts that we all enjoy.  Definitely some of the best CS in audio.  Yes, a few companies (Mike, Dan, etc) make alts as good as CES/Jon, but none offer his level of CS.


  6. Yo, Foreigner Dolls. Go fuck yourself... 

  7. Bummer to hear about the Ford Steve. God people can sure be shitty.... head up boss.

  8. @strangeduck  dude, you see the vid Rockville put up ??  El oh fucking el. 

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    2. Jessica


      you know i beat the shit out of my SA-12's for years and never had a failure. clip city sometimes. stinky coils and all. still beating on them.

    3. Karkov


      please link via PM.  Thanks

    4. Jessica


      give me a minute. i'll see if it still exists


  9. Holy shit. I know, I know people are new to things. But man...  I'm struggling with the on-goins here of late. Please new people, read the rules,  dont just click the tab. Do SOME research before a simple post. Welcome all new ones, but holy shit, help yourself a little and then get deeper please. 

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    2. Karkov


      I had some literal lol moments, it's entertaining for sure

    3. WalledSonic


      The quality of posts here are about as bad as IJWB on FB.  I come here for a reprieve from FB and end up just closing the browser window altogether.  My only solace is going back to OLD build logs.

    4. Broke_Audio_Addict


      It has got pretty lame around her for sure.

      And a lot of the knowledgeable memebers seem to have left.

      Traffic is slow around here these days too.

  10. Hey Nate (N8ball),  hey bro, would you please check your PMS buddy? Thanks my man ;) sloppy kisses. 


  11. Anyone else's CHAT BOX just sitting there loading??

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    2. Markous


      Just a spinning loading circle is all i see

    3. audiolamb6


      I thought it was just my fone good to know it's not

    4. Antheny916


      Should be working for you guys now. I upgraded it, but it seemed to only work for the default theme and was giving the loading circle for other themes. Trying to get emojis and .gifs working for you guys!

  12. I know its a bit early, but, where is everyones CES pics/vids and such? Im actually sitting this year out, ...sad face, so any pics and vids would be awesome. Have fun and be safe those there/going.


  13. C Manson peace out eh?!?

    1. 06RTCharger


      Wow he was just on the front page of the local paper a day or two ago. I think it said something about the killer still being out there...idk i didnt read the article. 

    2. Ahmed Johnson
    3. Karkov


      Good.  About time.  We spent almost 50 years paying for him to live in the big house, and almost 10 years when he was a youth.

  14. Home finally. What a weekend. Now to sleep for a few weeks...

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    2. WalledSonic


      Congrats man. You and Kenny both. 

    3. Kyblack76


      We got home around midnight last night Noah. Went on a LIL adventure. Dude I'm completely wasted. I'm exhausted. Filled paperwork for rings tho ;)   wicked good to meet you bro. Till next time. 

    4. 8ten8
  15. Jesus.  Some loud going on today. Rad street beat 4 runs, epic trunk battles, concrete this and that,... Jesus. Fun stuff ... 

    1. 8ten8


      I'll bet! Look'n forward to finals in Concord CA

    2. Kyblack76


      see ya there, we leave around 230am friday morning...... 


    3. 8ten8


      Yikes, safe travels 

  16. Help please. Some one find me the vid with both Tonys testin front to rear negative run please. 

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    2. Kyblack76
    3. audiofanaticz


      Oh I thought you wanted the one where they tested with the ad-1 to see wattage difference from a dedicated ground vs chassis ground.

    4. Kyblack76


      Shit, where is that one ?

  17. Cheers, and happy b day boss man......  

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    2. Karkov


      Happy 35th Steve....I am 35 so i will at least give ya that, haha

    3. 2loud4uboyz


      Happy Brithday Steve, Hope you had a good one sir. Thank you for what you do. i

    4. meade916


      thanks a lot guys!

  18. Plant shut down for the next week.

    All the shiny shoes get 8 days off,,,....  mean while, Imma smash the shit outta this OT.....



  19. Steve breaking the interwebz with baby.... dig it bro... dig it

  20. Da fuq has Gunnem been??? Him and Brian hanging out or something? 

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    2. bolanorthhighlands


      Gunnem's working on his YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnupYd2Y-1xZaVJf3LpmJLw

      audiofanaticz is working on one of his properties he rents out

    3. _paralyzed_


      And where has that nutty cripple been?

  21. Good job Tiger,.. dig that hole....

  22. Chris Cornell!?!?!????  Shit... 

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    2. jk13


      Badmotorfinger and Superunknown will be blasting from the Alpine pull-out all weekend in the back garage. Temple of the Dog too.


    3. Kyblack76


      Been at the bar today. We collectively put over 200 bones in the juke box. Only him, or his playing today. 

  23. Is something up with the forum? My skin is all fubar on mobile. Anyone else seeing weird shit??? 

    1. Jessica


      you use mobile skin?

    2. Jessica


      i run dark theme on mobile cause mobile theme is, well, not good. Not sure what you are seeing on your end,

    3. Kyblack76


      Not sure what the fuck was up,.. it didn't last long. Alls well 

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