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  1. Barrett Model82a1.. I actually just won one in a raffle last week. But the adult kicked in me cause I was able to either take the rile or cash out... I took the cash $9000 . (hands in man card) What a tough decision lol
  2. Its a 1911 and its made by S&W I dont see why it would be bad. I dont have any personal experience with it but going off of S&W reputation and quality. I have a few different 1911's Colt, Springfield, Ruger, All basically the same Ruger being the "cheapest" its fit and finish is great never had any issues with it at all
  3. Local news station hahahahahahahah. Poor lady is getting roasted more than she did at the airport
  4. Not sure cause we field quartered it and packed it out. One rear quarter and the head was fucking heavy hahahaha
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