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  1. here is a little info on caps, a few posts down and you will find it caps explained
  2. lol, yeah first time build can be tricky. do a google search for a program called google sketchup i just got it and learned how to use it in under 30 mins. there some you tube videos that help with learning how to do it. you use the program to make a 3d model of your box using the cut sheet the torres calc gives you. there is even a tape measure tool on there so that you can measure the end results of the box to make sure it is correct
  3. depends on how you want to put the box together. if you put the baffle on top of the side then you have to add that .75 in thickness from the baffle and back wall taking it from 15.5 to 17.75. its basic box building buddy, is this your first time with it? if so i know there is a lot of people willing to help you on this site
  4. yeah rf is a lil spendy but even just a t500.1bd is a great amp. ive done a 141.1 with 2 t1 10s. you can get one used for 150-175. ive even seen there 1500.1bdcp go for 300 used. also i know a lot of people with yellow tops and a few with red tops. some of them have had there batteries for a good 5 years and there still kicking strong. yeah there is better but it was just a general suggestion. honestly in the end there is no such thing as a budget comp build, if you wanna have the quality and long life span for your equipment you have to fork out the money.
  5. ive got the rockford t1500.1bdcp and it is a nice amp. rated rms at 1 ohm is 1890watts, a beast of an amp. for electrical i have only added an intersate deepcycle battery i got new for $80 and then a rockford 10 farad digital cap i got for $200-250 headlights will dim when all the way up but not bad. i have seen my volts drop down to 12.3 though. that amp will suck power from the car, atleast a single yellow top should be added to that list. wont help much for long periods of loud heavy bass but should work out ok for short periods of metering.
  6. you should see what the manufacture suggests for the tuning, then stay at that or lower. i would go right around 30-34hz. it will be clean and deep.
  7. if they say a min of 1 cuft then you shouldnt go lower.
  8. put as much deadner as you can on it with out blocking it, or remove it lol
  9. i had a single rockford t2 12" in a slot ported box tuned to 40-44hrz and did a 143.9db and it sounded great. real deep and clean. going with 33-35hz on my next box with 2 2 rockford t2 12"s.
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