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  1. how do you turn off the alert sounds here?


    1. audiofanaticz


      To turn off the sounds for the smd chat, click the 3 bars that are one under another and click toggle sound.

    2. strangeduck
  2. that feeling when youve designed about 26 bad boxes then finally find something that might actually work.

  3. been a minute but here i am. 

  4. You keep bumping this thread, have you tried anything anyone has suggested?
  5. You will only get whatever power the amp makes, more overlap doesn't always mean more power. Keep on mind the music you listen to is recorded at a certain level. So if its -7 db and your gain is -10 db you will be clipping 3db at full volume. With that said I run -10 db on my subs and use a remote gain knob to adjust as needed
  6. im just running a i7 8700k and an 1080TI and it can run pretty much anything while streaming. so your rig will not let you down. that said. i have a tip for you. when you stream on twitch their codecs suck for 1080 streams, you are better off streaming at 900p at a higher bandwidth or even 720p. they dont have the upload bitrate for good quality 1080p 60fps yet.
  7. im running a sk2500 to a pair of rev-1 sa-12 in a ported box with -10db overlap. you are running sealed so you will never smell coil. me? i just dont care, i full send my setup all the time with no issues. not sure why you are running that much power with a sealed enclosure as that seems like you are looking to get a lot of output, or you are looking for a metric crap ton of overhead and are building a monster SQ setup.
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