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  1. what happens when a stream of water is exposed to a loud 24hz sine wave
  2. Man, I was in love with that 100% poly gray hoodie :/. I know I'm getting one, but now I gotta rethink haha
  3. WHEN ARE THEY GONNA GET OUT OF KANSAS AND MAKE IT AVAILABLE IN CALIFORNIA?!? Can you imagine what your xbox live would be like? Host power all day. "Actions have consequences"? Make it work and don't feed us that bull google, way to ditch your home state, that's like when the south receded from the U.S, it calls for war. AT&T is coming out with some competition for google fiber in Austin. So soon, we will have google fiber and AT&T's competition for it all in the same city
  4. Black looks like one of the new avalons and the second is a the new body style for the GS
  5. How much did that run you? Cause I've been wanting to make my own bookshelf speakers, I just don't know what pieces to get or how to combine them with x-overs to get a decent ohm load
  6. I've seen "ROFL XD" on a stanced g35 or "S3SXY" on a ford gt. I think either are great
  7. Aaaand knowledge is back LOL. C and D always makes me wary ever since I heard of someone who had their hands like that when they crashed and the steering wheel airbag broke both their wrists They showed that on myth busters. You just gotta keep your hands and fingers off the center part of the wheel where the airbag comes out. The grip of the wheel is safe
  8. Glad you broke that off. But I have no idea what those texts say haha
  9. Clearly you haven't seen Ken Block or Tanner Foust's fiesta (On mobile, can't embed)
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