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  1. I just read that the Mezzo components have finally arrived at Crescendo. Could it be true?

  2. Were you just post dumping to raise your post count? Or were the posts actually helpful and relevant to the thread?
  3. That sounds pretty neat! Too bad the sun doesn't exist up here in Washington...
  4. To those that have been waiting on FT-1s, have any you recieved shipping info yet? I saw on Crescendo's facebook that they have begun shipping them, and I'm wondering if there was any truth to that.

    1. HatersGonnaHate


      Something was posted earlier that they are shipping out this week and next week.

  5. Went to my first meet today! I had a blast and heard my first 150+. That thing was brutal!

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    2. REVOofRustler


      Then I guess I've heard two 50s now! Sweet!

    3. Nikitaaa


      I still can't get over how clean your amp rack was. Was that your idea?

    4. REVOofRustler


      It was. I had my amps under my seat before, but there wasn't a way to take them out to reset the gain and stuff unless I took my box out and completely dismantled the amp rack. It took a little while to figure out how to get it all to fit nicely with the new setup.

  6. Telling someone new to the audio game to run at .5 ohms is not a smart move. To the OP, running at 1 ohm is perfectly fine if your amp is rated for 1 ohm. Just make sure you set the gains correctly. I'd recommend finding someone with a DD-1 or an O-Scope to help you with the gains.
  7. Alright. I'll probably just go with the Damplifier for now, then. I've got some to spare so I may as well try it.
  8. What do you guys think about using fiberglass? I took welding in high school, but I'd be worried to screw my truck up more than it is now...
  9. So my truck's carpet is wet in some spots due to some small holes in the floor. Would Damplifier be an effective way to seal that off, considering it will be exposed to small amounts of moisture?
  10. What's with all the brand/member bashing recently? Geez...

    1. lifes a BOX
    2. mikelbolton


      Some people just have nothing better to do...

  11. The expected release date of the Crescendo Mezzos I ordered a month ago was two days ago. Still no word on them...

  12. How have you guys gotten in touch with Toolmaker? I was talking with him on Facebook about some custom battery terminals last monday, but he hasn't replied since then.

    1. CNF Kevosinn

      CNF Kevosinn

      He is really busy right now.  Face book is the best way.  Id try on there again.

    2. REVOofRustler


      Alright. I'll give it another week. If nothing happens I'll probably go with some Project DB ones and see if I can mod them a bit myself.

  13. Fedex and UPS should put GPS trackers on their delivery trucks so that you could watch it slowly make it's way to your house...

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    2. OrionStang


      They do have gps. Just not for the public eye, unless you got some skils.

    3. 89capricebass
    4. CNF Kevosinn

      CNF Kevosinn

      hahaha that would be awesome

  14. I think this is gonna be a pretty good quarter for me! Turns out my physics class is all about magnets and electricity!

  15. He's been on numerous RF ads and magazines. Lex looks killer. I love the black/black/black. I could never customize my brand new car the way you have though. I guess I should change the way I asked that. I've seen a few of the adds. I meant in a way he will be the main logo/face of RF to the point he gets paid for it. So he could enjoy faster returns . It may be something that's none of my/our business. I seen that add a couple of days ago at a local shop. Some of the young installers were reading and showed me. They made comments about Steve and SMD products that I disagreed with. All the while I'm picking up my SMD products from my freind who borrows them for big build lol. I was told to leave and not come back by the assistant manager(the first time I've been kick out of a audio shop) before I could find what mag it was. You got kicked out of a shop for saying good stuff about SMD products? Sheesh! Anyways, I'd hate to see someone take away my truck, even if it's just for a few days! I can't imagine how I would feel if I had as much time, money, and energy into it as you did, Steve! Definitely one of my favorite IS-F's out there.
  16. I got a table saw! Time to build some boxes!

  17. I can't decide between getting a nice table saw or a Mechman 320 right now!

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    2. alaskanzx5


      does it mater? the world is suppose to end anyways right?

    3. Hotdog


      Were past that point now and everyone is still here. Get table saw and make money with it to buy alt. Win Win

    4. zydrix


      what can you get the best deal on right now. go with the one you will save the most money on. but just like n8 said a table saw can make u money

  18. I just need to make it through finals tomorrow and then I'll start building my new box!

  19. Loadin up my iPod with Christmas music. Time to go spread some Christmas cheer!

    1. bcpballer64


      Watch out for any assholes with guns bro, be safe

    2. bcpballer64


      Watch out for any assholes with guns bro, be safe

  20. I came down to Arizona for Thanksgiving and it's just been 75 degree weather with clear blue skies the whole time! I can't say I'm all too excited to get back to drizzly Washington on Sunday...
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