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  1. Ok, thx guys, i've ordered 1 8", to see if i like it, then i might order another one.....
  2. 2 subs in 1 enclosure, or are they separated? Each there own port, or 1 port for both subs.
  3. Hi all you Rockford fanatics, I have a question about the new Punch P2 8" DVC sub. Has anyone yet some xperience with this sub, considering box design. Rockford has there own designs displayed in the manual, but does anyone know a different kind of ported enclosure, accept the use of an aero port? Sealed recommended 6,51 Liters. Vented recommended 18,41 Liters. Many thx guys...
  4. Hi there guy's i'm back again. As promissed here is the update for the new made door panels with my extra FNP component system. First off all, the previous install is for over 6 years in ride now, for the upholstery i ran into some problems, it isn't available anymore, i had a small piece laying around some where, so that's the reason why its build in 2 pieces and not just one. Enjoy the pic's, and please leave some comments... Thx... What i did first is, to protect the exciting panel by damaging, i taped the area were the second panel is should come. A trail fit to see if it's gonna work as planned in my head.... What i did next was, i taped the edge off to get the shape that i'm looking for. The reason why i choose this method is, that i don't want to fiberglass anything in my car anymore, it's messy, and it smells like hell......... What i did next is, the inside of the panel i sprayed some ( i don't know what's the english word is) expendable foam. It follows the contours made by the tape, but it doesn't stick to it... And you get the shape that you want... This is how it looks when the tape has removed. As you can see it's expand a bit to big, but i can cut it into shape, so no worry's... Cut into shape... Unfortunally i forgot to take pictures of the glassing. Before applying the fiberglass, i first gave a layer of kitty hair to get rid off all the holes left in the foam. Then applied 2 layers off fiberglass, and as you can see started sanding and the first layer off bondo is used... The first fit to see if everything is matching up.... Not to bad i must say... Time for some upholstery.... It was a hell off a job, but it worked out ok... Looks very sexy...... And the finished product.... i'm diggin' it.... And off coarse, the opposite site.... That's my build off the second door panel, hope you like it.... Kind regards Edwin.
  5. i was wondering what those black lines are. I think i know what they are but i was hoping it wasn't what i think it is. You were kicking ass until i saw that. I mean it still looks good and you did a nice job but you lost me on those things. I don't understand the seatbelt thing either but you probably have your reasons. Over all you did pretty good though Thx guys for all the positive reactions. Steve, i think the black lines are what you think they are, i'm shamed to say. I could not figure out how to get he upholster fitted in 1 one piece. I had to make some adjustments. I'm not that good with a sewing machine, and i want to do everything myself, so i came up with the black alu stripes. And what about the seat belts. Here in Holland if you have them in you're car, they need to stay, no matter what, otherwise its an MOT failure, and the 2e reason is,they are bolted so tight to me vehicle, i could not get them out. The numbers are not that bad. With the Punch 600a4 and the HE2 i reached a 136.6. With the Power1501bd and the HX2 i reached a 141.3, so not to bad for a single sub.... Stay tuned for an update of my recently made door panel with an extra FNP component system......
  6. More pictures are on the way, but work is calling, so please be patient. Thx...
  7. Hello to all who is reading this topic, First let me introduce myself because i'm new here. I'm Edwin, from the netherlands, and i'm a car audio enthusiast. What i like most is not the real devastating SPL systems, but systems that are average..... This is due to the fact that i don't have a lot of money to spend, but what when i do spend it, i want it to be right...... I think a lot af people cope with the same problem.... Ik don't have a lot of pic's of me build, computer crash, but here is an impression.......Pictures will come within the next hours.... Equipment used for this build: RF RFX9300 Headunit RF FNP 2614 Component system RF FRC... 6x9" RF Punch HX2 Sub RF Punch 2 x 600a4 Amp Optima Yellowtop Brax cap 1Farad and 0,5 Farad Later on in the build the 2 600a4"s had to come out, and i chanced it for a Power1501bd and a Power551X. I made a very nice deal with someone to make this change. The 1501 is a bit overkill for HX, but what the hack, a deal is a deal.... the gain settings i made gave the sub a bit more than the 500RMS...... just measured the output voltage of the amp, It worked very well.
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