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  1. Wondering if sundown baskets and Ti baskets have the same bolt pattern? I'm pretty sure both are 6 bolt but I'm curious if they both line up the same, got a little project in mind.
  2. 2k is really the limit on the x series, I could even get my x sub hot on 1800 watts so I'd say zv4, it'll still play the lows just fine lol that's the point of the new Xs and zv4s. Also, it mainly depends on your box too. Any sub will play low in a box built for lows
  3. They have the ts parameters for a 4th order. High qts low FS.
  4. I wouldn't wall unless at the b pillar. Wasnt impressed at my c pillar wall (then again it was shit)
  5. I wouldn't tune below 30 unless you just want a fun box that get low and only low, I had a box tuned at 28 and the output fell off greatly above 40 so I really only would play music under 30 lol you can still be pretty musical and play down to the mid 20s tuned to 30-32
  6. You'll lose output going from 2 15s to an 18. Just build a new box for the Sa's tuned to like 30hz
  7. From what I've seen they work well in boxes with not a lot of port tuned low 30s high 20s
  8. That would be awesome dude! I'll keep an eye out for sure. I Know I loved mine
  9. I had my t2 15 on 2100 probably clipping and it took it just fine until the cool started rubbing cause I bottomed the fuck out of it lol box was 4.5cbft and the sub took that box just fine for probably 6 months, then I put it on a dc 3.5k at 1 ohm probably clipping in the same box with a coil rubbing on a stock electrical and it took 20hz test tones with a car battery placed on top of it to blow it. Maybe mine was a freak of nature but that bitch was tough
  10. I have some slowed music that's mainly low 20s but the lowest I have is 16hz lol I can send you some if you want
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