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  1. I been taking measurments and reading for the past hour and with the room that i have and how i want it i dont think its going to work
  2. Just curious cause everybody tunes in differant ways. I use a certain 3 songs everytime i tune my amps. Just curious if anybody else does it like this? And what songs do you use? The three songs i use is Always with me always with you - joe satriani baseline - manrtonix Rock of ages - def leppard
  3. Gurus is my spot. Thats were i get.most.of.my stuff. Royal sucks big sack. And audio designs has good.stuff but they think they know everything and there way over priced
  4. i see people on here wanting a box built for a certain hz. and i dont understnd that. i always build sealed boxes to the specs of the sub and tune the amp with the same 3 songs i always do to get it were i want it. im just trying to get a little more indepth with this will do 412. ported boxes are chinese to me
  5. I thought of that but its the room im worried about. Im just wondering if its.worth trying to attempt my first ported box.and.it.not.having the soundi want
  6. Just do it. I.do the same thing. I work for bigge. Im usually out of town 2 weeks out of the month. Im recently.married and even thoigh it might suck, the money is well worth it
  7. Dont run oblong speakers. Always run circle.speakers
  8. Use a good silicone on all the joints inside of the box.
  9. There not in anything right now. I pulled them out of my nissan hardbody. All i remember is i built a box that was. 75 cubes per sub. I dont have the box anymore. Just use a box calculator. And the sub displacement if im not mistaken is. 14
  10. Its a good.sub. i have 2 of those. Sealed is .75 cubes if.im not.mistaken
  11. Im getting ready to build a center console box for my silverado. I have always uses sealed boxes never ported. I was wondering what you guys would do here. I have a dc lvl 4 10". I listen to everything from country to bay area rap. So i like a wide variety of sou.ds.
  12. Ya i havr never had to.break.in speakers. Thats the dumbest thing i ever heard
  13. Correct. I took a whole year buying everything.i wanted for.my truck. Dont be in a rush.
  14. Dont think thats enough power. And you dont want to burn up the amp. Just buy new. Dont do the cheap way caise thats the soud you will get at the end of the day
  15. The three things that irritate me is the word "bro" , saying "im gonna grab a shower" and when someone asks you a question and then tells you your wrong when they asked you cause they didnt know
  16. Thats what i did with my s10 way back. Came out tits. Prep is everything
  17. There ok if you do the body prep yourself. Then have them sprat whatever but not clear it. Sand whatever you took there then take ot back for a clear. Sounds like a lo of work but if you prep its ok. Anything is better than earl sheib
  18. Just seeing if anyone outthere has or will build.one. i moved and had to sell.my shop smith so i have nothing to even build a box with
  19. Haha i look before i post anything. And yes i seen all those songs in the other list. And there all wack songs to
  20. You do.know there is already a thread of this?
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