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  1. Oh shit, just saw the edited cubes id say the 12 for sure, too small for a 15 imo
  2. One if the ct sounds strato 18s would be awesome! Right power range and about right cubes, still depends on what you want out of a sub tho. Without a real strong mids/highs setup the 18 isnt gonna sound that good id imagine.
  3. melted voice coils by dj billy e... gotta love the old stuff once in a while, don't mind the potato I recorded this with though. everytiime I play something longer than 2-3 minutes everyone in my "town" starts calling me and bitching so "demos" are quick and to the point. I live in a "village" with a population of about 150 so everyone in town can hear me when I leave work about a mile away lol
  4. the idiots at radio shack that try to give advice or try to help u when u just came in for a resistor and they have no clue what a resistor is.
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