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  1. Got the Sub at SSA.com 509.00 plus 90 for S&A upgraded to a hifonics 2400 but just sold it after 3 months it wanted more looking for a CT Sounds 3000.1 Going in my 06 buick lucerne.
  2. I got a Ascendant Audio 18 bout to upgrade Alternator but i have to take a trip first i also have a Hifonics 1700.1 Dmono block. lookin to buy a battery before the trip and do the alternator when i get back. I have this in a 2000 Grand Marquis with a 130 amp alternator, its not hooked up at the moment i have knu 0 gauge ran with a 300 amp fuse and a fuse holder a another 300 amp fuse for the extra battery. Just lookin for some ideas on a good under hood battery or an extra battery? What would you do for the time being. Of course it wont stay this way when i get back im going to upgrade amp but for know just 1700 watts. recently blew 2 L7 kickers so i know the car can handle it but i dont want the volts droppin under 12 from the sub being able to take in 2500+..... need a lil help thanks.
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