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  1. It would have to be super skinny big titted coked out pam but im in.
  2. Looks like some shit the bs electricians around here do. When i bought my house the old man we got it from told me it had just been rewired and updated electrical. They put new shit in but half of my house was wired to 1 20 amp breaker. I ended up fixn myself because the retards who fucked it up refused to claim resposibility for it.
  3. Tried to gta that shit. Fuck gps im takn my exotic through the mountains!
  4. So you vandalizing her mirror and running away fixed the situation how?
  5. their toys alright. Someones been in moms toybox. Or possibly dads.....
  6. It would be legal in kansas as long as they had on seatbelts and some kind of glasses or goggles. There are a few vehicles here that drive around in the summertime like this. Mainly jeeps.
  7. Wacky tobacky. Kick back and let it do what it do.

  8. It left out the ending. Where he goes on a killing spree like oj and only does 7 years because of extreme emotional distress. Lol.
  9. I used some off brand peel and seal. Stayed ok on the trunk lid and walls till the weather got hot. 100 degree days in the summer had it sagging and stinking quick. Sold the car with chunks of wat i couldnt get off still on it. When i do my doors in my durango i will be ordering second skin. Soon hopefully.
  10. I dont have the disposable income to spend on that. If i had some id finish up my durango.
  11. Both the biker and car driver should do some time. Shit like this needs to stop. Either one of them could have backed off and got the others tag info and called it in. It went to a level it never should have escalated to.
  12. You cant trust canadians. With their beady little eyes and flappin heads.
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