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  1. man i hope that holds. u should try a good belt sander to kinda uniform the outside then fiberglass coat it for strength and shape. then sand and paint. should look alot better than carpet and be alot stronger bond on your multi layer spacers. that sa 8 looks nice. i may have to get one.
  2. i really dont know alot about porting as i have most of my boxes built for me just dont have the time to do them myself. im planning on building my next one tho for my 2 ct sounds strato 18's hope someone on here can help you out. cant wait to see pics.
  3. Makes sense, I appreciate your reply. About the sub not having the output I'm after in that small of a box, I'm actually not after a whole lot. My car came with clarion mids and an 8" Rockford. I wanted more treble so I got some coax's and components (had factory tweeter so required no mounting or anything, just replaced) and it didn't give me the improvement I was after. I read about how the factory amp is mediocre so I replaced it with the Kappa-FIVE and it made an amazing difference. The sub had way more kick to it too which was a bonus, I was completely happy until it stopped sounding good, that's when I realized I blew out the surround around the sub so the box no longer had a seal. I'm in no way looking for something to break records with, I'm just after the best option I have that utilizes the factory box so I can retain my trunk space. That long story is basically it, I'm really just trying to get my bass back and in the process get as much SPL as I can while utilizing the factory box. This car isn't my primary vehicle, I use it for autocross and the occasional night out and building a box will just add more weight and I like that the factory box is already secure. Sorry about the long post, I just wanted to make sure you understood what I was after. I also appreciate the info on how the DVC subs work. It makes total sense once you point that stuff out, I'm going to order up the D4 version today. I am better off porting in .50 vs sealed @ .40 right? If I leave my box unmodified I'll have .4 after woofer displacement so that's an option. The factory box is plastic, it's definitely sturdy (has to be at least 1/4", maybe 3/8"), I hope that isn't a problem. hey man its all about what you want. i would say to go ahead and just try it sealed first before you try it with a port. a good sealed enclosure can get plenty loud and seeing how that one fits the sundown 8 on airspace id say give it a try. that way you dont cut and port it for nothing. the plastic box shouldnt be a problen as long as its thick enough but you may find that the sundown gives it a little to much of a beating wich may cause it to vibrate alot wich will lead to a loss in output and make it sound crappy in a hatchback or with the trunk open. that sundown should definately blow the rockford out the water no matter wich box you decide to go with. and no need to apologize for the long post. id rather have all the info to help than hardly any.
  4. i would just get the d4 man. no sense in overdoing it on the amp. that way if later down the road you decide to upgrade to 2 8's you can always decide to run it at 1 ohm then. and its best to always build or have built a custom enclosure. will make your sub sound so much better if built properly. youll honestly probably never get the bass output you want out of a box that tiny. as far as running a dvc sub on only one vc u can do it but it will limit the amount of sound you get. plus you have to remember that if you only run one side you have to cut the speakers rms in half. so 300 would change to 150. but ive seen people run those sundown 8's on like 500 rms each with no problem. just make sure your signal is clean.
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