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  1. Voice coil is toast. You would have to recone it but its roughly same price to get a new one since skar doesnt offer vvx recones as far as i know. You may contact skar directly and see wat they can do for you.
  2. The deck amp will usually distort before the rca output. They are seperate sources. Need to get those mids and hi's on a seperate amp. Deck power is garbage anyway. Only around 20 watts on most decks. A small decent brand 4 channel will really bring those doors to life. Also make sure you use your crossovers. Most components or coaxils dont play low. I usually cut mine off around 50hz.
  3. Id say its time to eliminate the carpet and go to snap together fake wood.
  4. Looks like the old style soundqubed hds3 top parts. Is that magnet bigger around than the mounting ring? Lol.
  5. Anytime a game drops im curious about i watch gameplay vids and reviews on youtube to check them out. My wife seemed interested in it. I prefer a more open world game. Less focused on the storylines. Ive been waitn on fallout 76 beta to drop and for red dead 2.
  6. See. Sometimes in the heat of the moment its ok to go ass to mouth! These young girls nowadays get all worked up and they tell you to go ass to mouth!
  7. I remember when cat dog first started airing on nick. Shit like this makes me feel old. Lol.
  8. I personally dont participate in any social media groups unless u count smd.
  9. Its a fuckn shame the majority of the country is a bunch of cry babies. I was enjoying the new episodes.
  10. Its unreal that they cancell shows and shit because someone says something offensive on their private social media account. The only reason they make a big deal about this shit is all the crybabies who still let other peoples words or views affect them on such a huge scale. What celebrities or actors do and say in their private lives shouldnt reflect on their jobs unless its an actual crime imo. Would you wanna get fired over posting a tweet or comment that some1 sees and calls your job saying it offended them? Shits a joke. Freedom of speech and beleifs doesnt exist anymore unless your a "minority".
  11. So wat did they do about the theft the white chick commited? Video ended too soon. Really wanted to see her get sited or go to jail. Bitch woulda had a meltdown. Did a lil research apparently noone was charged with anything and white chick didnt even give back the card she stole. Wtf.
  12. Sorry didnt look at pics close just kinda skimmed. U could always run it under the car up against the bottom or cut some holes in the firewall. Either way i doubt youll ever see 150s without upgrading electric, more power, and sound deadening.
  13. You could get another skar rp2k and run one to each sub wired to 1 ohm each. Just gain match them. Regardless u need to at least add 1 more run of 0 gauge to the back and upgrade your alt. Also sound deaden like crazy! Flex kills db. Also if you can fire the subs forward into the cab with port forward and seal it off from the trunk youll increase output alot.
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