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  1. Wacky tobacky. Kick back and let it do what it do.

  2. Anybody else watch preacher on amc? Good shit.

    1. Kyblack76


      I'm stuck on roadies atm

    2. Ahmed Johnson

      Ahmed Johnson

      I caught the first episode and keep forgetting to stay with it. It seemed like it would be good

  3. Loving ps vue. Been veggin out on comedy central. Should have switched from cable sooner.

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    2. Skullz


      Yes, as it is live tv in HD.

    3. mathewyocham


      ^this. But unlimited dvr space and unlimited multiple recording too. Only channels we dont get r a&e and history.

  4. This video is fucked up. May not be news to some but i just seen this. http://www.actionnewsnow.com/news/family-of-man-shot-by-paradise-police-officer-speaks-out/

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    2. mathewyocham


      The thing that i think is the worst is the fact that the cop tried to hide what he did.

    3. OrionStang


      The worst part is the young lady that died.

    4. meade916


      HOLY FUCK!!! THAT WAS WAY UN CALLED FOR!!!!! FUCK THAT SHIT!! HE DREW DOWN AND SHOT HIM? WHY? Thats bullshit. That cop should be arrested and charged with attempted murder. Mann im not even anti police because most the time people deserve what they bring on themselves...but i am becoming more and more that way when i see shit like this.

  5. Got my ps4 black friday and just got it set up. My gamer tag is vimfinius if anyone wants to add me. I get down on gta and eso.

    1. bolanorthhighlands


      My ps4 psn is downbylaw100 but I only have black ops 3

    2. mathewyocham


      I never really got into cod. I may give black ops 3 a chance tho. It looks good.

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