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  1. http:// www.audiojunkies.com/blog/866/fi-infinite-baffle-subwoofers i would think its geared more towards ib set up for ht but i could be wrong
  2. The ib (infinite baffle) sub i think its already been out for awhile they just dont list it you have to email them i think audiojunkies had a article on it ill search and see if i can find it
  3. Don't forget efficency of the amp you can have two 2000 watt amps and one can pull more amps than the other...One can be 70% effecient the other can be 80% if they both do rated power what one would you buy? i have no point lol i just thought id throw that in there
  4. Yeah silver cones bad sq what ive read they have decent sq.. wouldnt know firt hand never played it i bought it for a friend but hes haveing a baby now so he has no need for it so i kept it was going to make a HT sub with it but no need at the moment ... if i cant sell it i probably still will whats your friends box box tuned to and how big? will seperate if needed
  5. I have a cerwin vega vmax 12 inch sub duel 2 ohms 600 watts rms.... bnib a hifonics bx2005d 650 rms X 1 at 4 ohms.... used a kinetic 600hc....used and i think 40' of 4 guage wire 20 blue 20 silver.... never used $400 plus shipping for all i can get pictures if you want them if you live in ohio you can pick up depending on where you live we can meet half way
  6. I have the stroker pro 15 not hooked up at the moment it was tuned to 25 hz and still got loud and sounds good doing it.. this summer im building a 5 cubed box tuned to 33 hz... but anyways the old stroker 18 are the sh*t even seen one in a sq car and they are hard to make sound good so i was told
  7. Let me check agin im almost positive thats what they said yep 4.5 cubes + .42 for sub displacement then .47 for the port displacement at there recommended 50 sq" 16" long so a total box 5.39 cubes foreach sub so a 10.78 cubed total for both..... so yeah if you don't have at least 10 cubes i would't get them... whats the reason you want 2 subs? if its to get louder you can try to run more power to the apxx
  8. yeah i went to pick up like 2 jbl 2200.1 (the one made by crown) nice amps especially for 600 each but they where all gone when i finally coned myself into buying them, I wanted to shoot myself for not picking them up when i first seen them
  9. Just thought i would show some respect to all of You.. Everyone has awesome builds i would pay anyone of you guys to do an install... every time i come here and look i get jealous but inspired and wish i had balls and talent to do or try some of the things you guys do.... Keep up the Awesome and inspirational work guys... Someday i hope i get to meet some of you and bow down.. truly <~~~~~ looks weird but spell check says thats it i thought it was truely lol Kevin
  10. mmats recommends 4.5 cubic feet after sub and port.. 5.4 cubes before sub and port displacement..with 50 sq" of port i think thats what it said Always can email mmats
  11. it has a vent to releave presuure when you close the hatch and doors back there but i covered it up with deadening but the condensation always happened even before that.. i dont know maybe ill get a new car lol but thanks for your help so far guys
  12. i cant get window vent/visors my door dont have the top half support like most cars...
  13. Well i have 95 eclipse.. i keep a sweater over my sub and amp so you cant see it when im parked anyway, After a few days i took it off it was soaked and under it was moldy, wet, and swollen so i took the sub out sonowim bassless poor me.. my hatch dont leak i went through car washes plenty of times and watched.. so it has to be the condensation on the window dripping off.. well my question is will tinting it prevent condensation from forming... thanks in advance.. Kevin
  14. I have a 95 ecplise with that engine biggest ho alt i could find was a 180 amp 90 at idle.. if you find a bigger one let me know lol.. also its a pain to replace without a lift.. i was thinking about seeing if i could get a bracket made at the ac unti to put another one on but never got around toit
  15. LoL um that stroker wasnt in the optimul enclosure there specs say optimul is ported if it was the 12" It should of been in a 2.5 cubed box ported to 28 hz for optimul performance that box was small, but it did look like the 1.1 sealed they recommend for a sealed box lol even at 2000 rms in a 2.5 cubed sealed box with hella clipping my 15 lasted almost 20 minutes and it only fried one coil.. plus the video doesnt say what size the box is, it doesnt even show them hooked up to the crown amps.. i dont know i was happy with my stroker and im even happeir with my stroker pro,,, anyways those orion subs do look nice just a little skeptical on the tests thats all..
  16. lol i live in sandusky ohio . cedar fair who ones cedar point and like 18 other parks just bought 6 flags east of us in aurora ohio.. nevr been there but cedar point is straight if you ever come out this way you should check it out
  17. so i made a little teaser video of sub (posted in video section) anyway i was trying to do another one (but my cam sucks im going to try to find someone with a camcorder ) anyway anyone have any ideas why it flexes alot more and is loader with windows down than up? i thouhgt with windows up there would be more pressure on the car thus creating more flex anyone else have this issue anyways at least the sub sounds good lol and im happy with it by the way 3.5 cubes ported to 25 hz stroker pro 15 only thing is i have 2 3" ports and are in a bad spot ill get picks later of the ports i was trying a 15 x 2 " port but messed it up so i went the easy route lol someday ill redo it
  18. well a little example of my stroker pro15... 3.5 cubes 25 hz i have problems with port size and placement but its all good for now sounds awesome, very clean bass sorry no sound its a few second from beats4myvan almost forgot link forgot i set my bx 2005 at 1800 watts at volume at 30 and bass level at +15 this is at 30 bass lvl at 0 www.youtube.com/profile?user=CstrokerV comments welcome come on peeps lol
  19. you always could mount an aftermarket deck somewhere else run new speaker wires, power, ground etc..etc.. but probably would suck doing that
  20. If both x-overs are only say 12 db slope and you want a 24db slope you will achieve that with using both... theres a section about it in the car stereo cookbook or whatever it is called..it also gives you a fromula to figure out what the xover its set at if say one is set at 80hz and the other at 60hz, what it will end up at..
  21. Thought id stop bye and wish everyone a Happy Easter
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