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  1. i'm going to be using four of them in the back and a 500F superbank underhood
  2. One of the big selling points for me is being able to set a depth of discharge alert. With the flatter discharge curve of lithium and my inexperience with the chemistry i'm looking at it as protection from my potential stupidity, LOL!
  3. Seems to me that these would be alot more popular in this hobby, thinking of grabbing one to monitor the 180AH of lithium i'm going to have in the next setup. Victron Smartshunt Thoughts?
  4. IIRC Jacob had a v3 ready to go but scrapped it for some reason i can’t recall. There are some pictures of it out there, looked like a monster!
  5. I thought this was just a joke when i first heard of these about a month ago, but it's fucking real! ? cleaver marketing with a month and a half til it get legalized up here. Pretty good too i must add.
  6. That beginning was tough to watch, my room got all dusty and shit. Some fucking people man! Shit like that makes my blood boil! ? He has come along way and become a beautiful dog, he has you to thank for it Steve! I wonder if you would take in an abandoned bass head you might find in that field? ?
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