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  1. about 8 of these for mids lol https://www.skaraudio.com/collections/pax-pro-audio-series/products/pax65-6-5-inch-mid-range-speaker
  2. what in the fuck is going on with your interior dash wires and all that lol also do you ever smell those subs when you really hammer them?
  3. lmao your girl drew on the box so you would have to put the port on her side shes a bass ninja personally id flip that motherfucker over so the ports behind me
  4. Only thing that raised an eyebrow here was a single 8 inch aero port Are you sure that is enough port area for those two subs?
  5. no no no Ive swapped amps on my subs and the gain knobs were in completely different spots when i got them tuned in Your "2 o'clock" and "11o'clock" method is very outdated and a fire hazard with 8000 watts
  6. never heard someone say im too big and i have to lean as a reason for not having a wall in extended cab i have seen a 6 foot 5 inch dude jump out of an extended cab dodge with 3 alts and 20,000 watts on 4 fi audio 15 sp4s he told me he leans into the port
  7. oh yes i returned the md8000.1 2ohm version and ordered the 1ohm version premier with the volt meter on it and these for a cpillar wall mwahaha
  8. Hi Im putting four 15s on 8k in a wall in my 2011 volkswagen tiguan it has a moonroof, thats a sunroof but longer. Ive ordered the subs,amp,wires I hope to be done by may. IS there anything I can do to protect the seal on the glass from too much flexing? Im worried about the seal breaking like it does on a windshield and water leaking in and the $1600 volks would want for a new1 Thanks for any ideas that worked for you
  9. you get what you pay for, parts with lower tolerance than the "cool batteries"
  10. 30k amp needs at least 6 $700 5000 watt woofers or more so the sub side alone is almost 5 grand then comes the electrical lol id be scared tbh because u need thousand$ in subs and as u can see in the vid the new dc audio neos were smoking hook a 30k amp to 8 subs or more
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