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  1. idk anything about sundown so excuse me if im outta line but wouldnt u want like crescendo c1100.4 or something heavy duty on 8 pro audio drivers? Im running mono taramps hd3k on eight 6.5" 4ohm mids and i gotta be careful its still alot of power.
  2. i have some 6.5" pro ds18 bullet style and they a wayyy brighter sounding than your standard pro audio mid. BAD part about ds18 is the weird cutout sizes. If you wanna switch brands good luck with that 5.25 cutout fitting anything else but a 6" ds18, unless u stick with their 6.5" lines. PRV is some LOUD stuff but it gets expensive real quick. Ive seen 8000 watts ran on two doors with a couple PRV speakers and that shit was unreal. Brazilians are taking over our shows LOL try demoing with a 20,000watt brazil trunk open next 2u.
  3. ive gotten new amps that had RCA inputs that were thousanths of an inch different than the replacement. this led to the RCAs going to my new amp being loose with little signal, but i couldnt tell the size difference til i turned them while playing and finally heard a real amp sound. hope that helps.
  4. here ya go https://www.amazon.com/Custom-Ported-Vented-Subwoofer-Enclosure/dp/B0841RRQ34/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=fi+audio+q+enclosure&qid=1600324164&s=car&sr=1-1 message the seller for any custom stuff, hes a cool dude.
  5. thats some of them new loud and fancy 2way pro audio comp set hybrid speakers i been seein pop up lately. not at shows just online forsale. I dunno ive always heard bad things about the sound of a 6.5" with a tweeter sticking out the middle. to each their own i spose, could be amazing new technology that sounds like gold. the basket alone makes me wanna hear em
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