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  1. lol man fuck that second skin let me buy u a car
  3. knockin icicles off your cold ass gutters my basssss knoccccssss                         

    1. bmwking


      that a Bola rhyme?

  4. boosts say +45db or something like that, is this right at a certain hz?
  5. less than $1 a watt is always a win, but i bet if voltage spikes or drops its toast
  6. phone book yellow pages website lol they will give initials of owners of phones unless u pay 4.99 a month
  7. Gunnem

    2 12 inch skar evls box help

    wall 6 of them bishes
  8. test it with the gain all the way up and bass boost all the way up, wayyy past clipping, see what i does