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  1. what do you call a hot dog at the north pole? a chilly dog
  2. i ran a taramps hd3000 with just the battery under the hood for a year and never had a problem
  3. They are very nice amplifier that does rated on the SMD dyno. They have a chip on the board that lowers the signal if you approach sine wave, this is for the protection of your speakers and amp. They hate 16V.
  4. His email is gone. Sales are stopped. Lifetime warranty is impossible to claim at this time. Anyone know what is up?
  5. uhm cut it down to 1/0 terminal size and crimp and carry on. as for stiffness its just heavy stuff especially if u got the OFC. I did cringe a little when I noticed the 2/0 fuse holder they sell is $60. But if u get SHCA terminals and holders and everything u will be happy.
  6. that big D wiz vid is good too but this guy repairing a first generation HD10,000 taught me and got me onboard with taramps its my understanding the caps are way oversized in the amp and thats how these brazils get the magic the high voltage amps are the ones that caught fire in their demo semi in south america i think sencheezy has a high voltage taramps in his ride. hes a member here.
  7. i had a v6 mustang in a body for a v8 and the damn terminals would corroded every winter
  8. itll be fine unless u live in the artic or cleveland ohio
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