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Found 19 results

  1. Been breaking in a psi platform 2 18" for a few days. Now its blown and I'm sure it has to be a defect. Upgraded to 1800 watts. Running off a crescendo bc 2000. Batteries are two shuriken 4500's. No voltage problems what so ever. Straight out of the box the sub got warm at medium volume. Slight smell of adhesive/maybe coil? Day 2 Ran up the volume a bit higher. Played half an hour. No clipping I have indicators in the amp. Then it smoked not locked up but the coil is trash. Emailed the company twice now with no response. Funny they don't take calls. Is this sub garbage or what.
  2. I want to make a box for my explorer for 2 platform 2 15s subs firing up and port to the back width between fenders is 40". thanks in advance
  3. I'm in search for a decent 12" sub preferably under $150 that can handle 500 watts or more. Thinking about getting a Soundqubed HDS2 or S3. Any other suggestions?
  4. Nothing really to this post i'm just proud of myself and wanted to show off my work ?
  5. 1 - 18" tc sounds lms ultra 5400 with psi recone. 2 - 18" psi passive radiators. Alright, so let me start by saying a few months ago I had got into contact with psi about my passive radiators really reaching their limits in terms of excursion.. they confirmed with me that things were alright and.. hey, they recommended 2 18" PR's would be good enough, so obviously I believed them & continued about my business.. Last week-ish, I heard some distortion with the reconed lms and got into contact again.. thinking it was blown and wanting a fix because i had told them it was going to receive 2400w rms.. they assured me it was able to handle the power and told me I was probably clipping and burnt it that way (I just I installed a new alt) and didnt retune the amp. Alrigjt, they offered me a discount of the subwoofer recone & i was gonna upgrade to the high exvursion PR's.. we started an order form and all that jazz.. Obviously, since I'm buying a new recone.. I might as well turn this one all the way up.. 10sec into the bass drop one of the PR's explode and rip apart. Now, these are out of warranty.. But shouldn't my email months back count for something?? When I said they were being stressed too much? So, I pull the sub, remove the magnet and find something surprising as well.. theres a bubble or void on the coil thats rubbing the motor. The copper wire isnt discolored or burnt. this doesn't look like a blown coil to me. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this looks like a manufacturer defect that could be covered under warranty(I hopeeeee)
  6. Hello, I want to run 2 PSI platform 1 12s on 2k, my voltage does not dip below 12.8 so i will be getting right around rated. I have a screenshot to show the upgrades, Biggest box i can fit is 34"wide 15" tall and 23" in length I would like for the box to be tuned so i can play slowed bass songs about as low as 26hz if the small space i have will allow it I would like a slot port design with the subs and port on the same side (center port) Thanks for looking and hopefully you can help me out! -Mike-
  7. Alrighty guys I am planning a trunk wall build based out of a 00 ford contour svt. I already have a 220 amp alternator dual big 3 on it, interstate batt up front, a kinetik 1200 blu and a kinetik 2400 in the back, 2 runs of 0g to the back batts (i don't drop under 13.8 usually), the amplifier is a soundstream t1.6000dl, i have 2 massive audio gtx 122 @ 2 ohm in a prefab (i know) its 1.8 per chamber at 35 hz it does pretty well for what it is but i wanna drop the amp down to .5 and i cant make a decision on what drivers i wanna get, my price range is 300 per sub (give or take) and i had quite a bit lined up but cant make a decision and I'm down to a couple now. soundqubed hdc3.1, psi lvl 2, dc level 3, massive audio hippoxl, ctsounds meso, dropin hz hotel, someone pleas persuade me into making the right decision!
  8. https://youtu.be/cjZQtH__Y0M https://youtu.be/loLaB2iklcc <div style="position:relative;height:0;padding-bottom:56.25%"><iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cjZQtH__Y0M?ecver=2" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" style="position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;left:0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div> <div style="position:relative;height:0;padding-bottom:56.25%"><iframe src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/loLaB2iklcc?ecver=2" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" style="position:absolute;width:100%;height:100%;left:0" allowfullscreen></iframe></div> is the video showing?
  9. Having some questions on a dual amp setup.. I'm wanting to run 2 Soundstream ta1.3000d on 2 PSi platform 3 15. The amps are rated: 3000 rms @ .5 ohm 2500 rms @ 1 ohm Subs are the dual 2 ohm direct connect PSi 15s rated at 3000 watts rms. I've never personally installed two amps before so my question is how would i run the rca's and then how to wire the voice coils to the amps? Any help is appreciated!
  10. Hi so I thought I would share a box design I came up with and try to get some feedback and/or recommendations. This is for a single 15" PSI Platform 2 with HP option. I'm shooting for 4.5 ft^3 net with 65 in^2 slot port area. The box would be tuned to 33 hz and what I would do is make both of the sides of the port double baffle so that in the outer #/4" mdf baffle I could press and glue in threaded inserts. This would let me make and easy attachable port extension that would bring down tuning so that I can experiment and see what I like. If needed I can probably throw together a drawing and upload the picture if needed. This is my first build and I'm trying to make it a lasting good set-up. At first it will probably just be rear facing in by trunk but I plan to seal of my trunk fully and face the box into the cabin so that I don't have trunk rattles, I can use my trunk, and I can look at my bad-ass custom sub while I'm in the car. I'm open to any ideas. Thanks.
  11. ive had this sub sitting around tryin to figure out a good box for it (sub up port back!) its wanting 5 cube after disp. sub disp. is .26 now i want my box 20x38x17 which is about 6.06 cuft. now the port is where im having the most problem cant really figure out the right tuning im wanting about 32 hz ANYONE HELP!? :huh2: :huh2: :huh2: :huh2:
  12. Welll, when i got my car i thought this was going to be easy, well...turns out NO ONE has an install video or pics or ANYTHING about 2005+ model Volvo S40's. SOOOO i AM the only person in the world who has made a video on it and pics on how to do it. Its all at our audio team channel. LABaudio502 Check us out on youtube. I would start off by saying this is NO WHERE close to being a clean install. Its messy as hell so dont judge on that. i will be redoing it next year when i have ALL of my final equipment. (Sometime in the fall) But, this was just the starter, temp. system i installed. Im thinking about doing a custom amp rack and box in the back but i cant think of any ideas. Comment if you have any deas! Thanks! First Box: T1 when i first got it in This was some UGLY wiring Car when it was stock The blown Fi SSD 12 i aquired! Punch Pro 6.5's Installed in doors Stockk Volvo door speakers, NOT BAD AT ALL! FTW http://www.youtube.c...ser/labaudio502
  13. Hey everyone, i just sold my Sa-12. looking to get a build going, just got a new job, so ill have money, i have a hifonics hfi-1500d already. Ive been looking at several different subs for around 500, such as sundown z series, psi platform 3, DC Xl, etc. But then i was thinking about multiple subs, 2-4 sa-8's. Any suggestions on a setup with multiple subs to get loud. I want to be louder then my single sa-12 on 1k watts. i kind of want multiple subs. Please post any ideas you guys have, or any links of good subs for good prices, thanks in advance!
  14. Whats up guys! My Brother and I bought a 1994 chevy astro EXT and we are going to make a demo/daily driver/computer repair van. My brother does computer repair, and we are going to set up part of the van with a 42 inch tv on a swivel mount, and his master computer will be mounted in the van. we will have a nice panel with all sorts of connectors like hdmi, vga, power outlets, dvi, usb, and so on so that he will be able to go to peoples houses and get their computers and be able to plug them into the van and service the computers in the van. I do car electronics as a hobby, so it will be pretty much a showcase of what I can do. I want it to be able to do hairtricks all day and have the mids and highs to keep up with it. The equipment list is as follows: (some of it we already have and some of it we need to get. Everything that is in bold is equipment that we already have.) Subs: 2 RE MT 18 inch with dual .7 coils SOLD...2 18 inch American Bass HD subs with PSI softparts 2 18 inch zv3 Motors and baskets with zv4 spiders and NSV2 coils Mids: 8- 8" Crescendo pwx 8 ohm mids Tweeters: 2 selenium ST 200 and 2 Crescendo FT1 tweeters 4 Selenium ST200 Tweeters Sub amp: AQ 3500 Crescendo BC 5500 Mids and highs amp: Crescendo 1000c4 or Kicker zx850.4--or something that will run around 1k rms Crescendo 1600.2 on mids, Rockford Fosgate Punch 500.2 on tweeters CT sounds 60.4 on tweeters Wiring: 100 ft of knukoncepts 0 gauge CCA wire 50 ft of knukoncepts 8 gauge wire probably around 200-300 ft of knukoncepts 12 gauge wire for mids and highs bunch of fuses and fuse blocks Electrical: 1 Xs d3100, 2 Group 31 Sealed AGM, 2 Shruiken BT-60, 1 Sealed group 34 AGM for the engine bay i am not sure about this but im hoping mike singer can build me a 350 amp alt so i dont have to figure out how to do a dual alt setup. Tenney 350 Large case GM Alternator DC Power XP 320 Alt Computer stuff: Custom built computer by my brother- If i remember correctly, it has 8 GB DDR3 ram and a quad core processor at 3.7GHZ, and 3TB of hard drive space. 42 inch screen flatscreen tv on a swivel mount 10-15 inch touchscreen up in the dash that will operate the computer Sound deadener: 90 SQ FT of Damp Pro 3M Sound deadener, and lots of Great Stuff! Wall stuff: sheet of 49x29x1.25 plexiglass for the back of the box sheet of diamond plating lots of screws and hardware. clear plexiglass ports 1.5 inch plexiglass dowels for bracing 4 sheets of 3/4 mdf We bought a used alpine radio. i think its a 9885 if i remember right. NEXUS 7 Tablet! anyways, these are some of the pictures of the work that i have done so far! bear with me now, the pictures are uploading now, but im at my friends house and his interwebs are slow
  15. Hello guys I am in need of some good advice, I am currently saving up for a new system, and it will consist of two PSI 10 inch subwoofers both at a dual 2 ohm load, and they both will be hooked up to separate amps. The amps I am pairing them with will be sundown saz2500d wired down to one ohm. So I will be hoping to push about 5k watts daily. I am going to get a yellow top optima for under the hood, not for sure which model i would need. I drive a 2012 Chevy Cruze 1LT with the pioneer upgraded sound system. The batteries I am going to put in the trunk will be xs power d3400's, I am putting two in there, not for sure if it is correct. So I was wondering if I should get an ho alt. and get the a yellow top optima and would I be fine with the two d3400's in the rear? Please help me out it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could. Thank you for reading this.
  16. Does anyone know of any good Alpine Type R recones I could buy for my 2 12s? Ive heard PSI makes a good recone for it, but I dont know where to find them. Any Help would be much appreciated.
  17. ok guys heres a couple pics of the truck. nothing great but it runs. dont i wish i still had my dc here is the box build. all wood cut all wood together making sure it fits i know non of the subs are the same. but its all i got. the truck came with a cheep sony headunit that i traded for the dual the silver cone/emblem and the concept. old amp new amp im borrowing i know wiring needs cleaned up. amp was tucked underneath box. but it got kinda hit. got knukoncept 8 gauge i had laying around. and a run of some unbranded 8 gauge. headunit
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