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  1. *if in wrong section please move it to the right one* I recently acquired a Termlab from a shop that closed near me, at the bottom of the post there will be a pic. This termlab is an older model and I was curious, is it possible for termlabs to become un calibrated over time to where it doesnt show the correct DB level? if so can you re calibrate it to make it correct if that is the case? Also now that I have this termlab I want to start hosting local competitions, what all do I need to know about hosting events? whats the best way to advertise them locally? do I need to get a permit from the town I'm hosting the event in to not get shut down with noise ordinance complaints? how do I go about doing that? and is there anything else i need to know? I just want to start having local fun events for people around my area to be able to compete for trophies and maybe cash prizes if it picks up enough. any and all advice is welcome, thanks! Here is the pic:
  2. Before I even get started with this build I just want to give big thanks to Jeremy (AKA FLDataTeK) for helping me out with my build. Anyway since GetDown, Reel, specially Regizzle -he invented it- (an another forum) keeps on calling me CB might as well make it my build log's name. My Vehicle: Toyota Corolla LE 2009 1.8l ----------------------------------------------------- Let's all get started with my previous system that I just took out. It was pretty good, but wasn't for me. JL Audio 500/1 Slash - (2) 12w3v2 in a JL Audio H.O Box JL Audio 300/4 - C2 650 and C2 690tx Pioneer 6500bt So out with the old, in with the new.. yada yada.. ----------------------------------------------------- Okay then here comes the good part. Let's start off with some electrical. Front Battery: XS Power D2400 Alternator: Singer 310A Wires: Sky High Car Audio 2/0 OFC (Garden Hose According to Jeremy) Here it is after I've installed them and the "big 3" with Jeremy and his crimpers. The only problem that I do have -well kind of- is that I need a better buss bar than this for my alternator. (So I need to get a better one soon). I also bought a "got decaf?" sticker from Decaf for support and the stickers add deebbeezzzzz! Grommets are bulky enough for me to use as a club just incase somebody wants to mess with me. I have 2 runs of 2/0 inside the car to the trunk. I must say for a couple of amateurs we didn't do that bad at all. Going into the trunk: Pretty clean. We're impressed ourselves on how it turned out. Now let's go into the head unit. My choice is Pioneer 80prs.
  3. Ok, I have super limited space in my RX7, I have probably about 2 1/2 to 3 cu ft of useable space in the hatch of my 1994 Mazda RX7. Right now I have 2 - Kicker L7 Truck Boxes in it (model 08TS10L72), and they barely fit. They aren't not loud, but I'm looking for as loud as I can fit in there. I used to have 4 - 12's in my Ford Probe, and that was LOUD, I just don't have the same space available in here to fit much. If you had 2 - 3 cu ft of space to use... what would you choose?
  4. hi guys, my name is christian and i am from germany. my english isn´t very good, but i´ve heard this forum here is the biggest car-audio forum of the world and i hope you can help me. sorry for all grammar und writing- mistakes . i´ve used the searching option of this forum here, but there isn´t that what i am searching for. to my question: all of you who installed a wall know the phenomenon, that there isn´t any bass-feeling at deep music when the doors are closed. there is just a bit of wind in the car, but no feeling on the body. but when doors are open you can´t breathe and you are thinking, that you must die, if you know what i mean. i´ve heard a lot of wall buildings in germany and simply three or four car´s here can play deep music with doors closed and there is simply the same feeling inside like doors open. i talked with the designers of this installations, but they wouldn´t talk about it because they spent a lot of time to their enclosures and so they wouldn´t tell other people about. my plan for the future is to build an enclosure with about 10-12 12´s, probably ETON-sub´s and i wouldn´t must open the door´s that i can feel the full power of the sub´s. I will sit in my car, doors and windows closed and will feel the "pain" from high and low frequencies to my body and perhaps to someone who is geting a demo from me. what kind of enclosure is the best for such a plan? 4th order wall, enclousure like gary kilians car or.... or do you think a wall is here not the best thing that i can do, because the deep frequencies can´t spread good in the car with a wall? i would be glad about an answer. thank you for reading this text in this bad english
  5. well I know im going bring a few friends, sadly no ones besides me has anything to compete with. Yet. but im trying to find out who is all coming out, and maybe we could setup a SMD meet n greet sometime after or before the show, if after maybe hit up a bar or something. who knows everyone chime in!
  6. I am seriously looking into upgrading my single 15" p3 and getting a single 18" sub. What would be the best sub for the money if I only wanted to spend $500 absolute tops on the sub itself?? Thanks in advanced!
  7. Small event audio comp. http://www.termpro.com/asp/viewer.asp?Event_ID=13601
  8. fi q 15

    Planing and sq system for my daily driver ,anyone have any input on the fi audio Q sub ?? or another great sq sub with around the same rms ???? need help ASAP... Please
  9. Sky High doesn't have a 2/0 ANL fuse holder yet and I have their 2/0 OFC and I'm going to need a fuse holder. I really don't want to buy a 1/0 fuse holder and modify the plastic for it to fit, any other suggestions?
  10. 04 explorer

    I have four 15 CVX's in a 20 cube ft enclosure that has a divider making it two chambers. I plan on getting a new amp with more power cause my MA Audio 4000d isn't cutting it. I figure I'm pushing 500 watts per sub and it hits pretty hard but I want more power and skull crushing bass. My question is will more power help me figuring 1200 RMS watts per sub? Oh and I have 3 batteries in the back linked together
  11. I've reached "Sub-life Crisis" an decided to upgrade my current system for the summer, and most definitely the local comps coming around the corner. My plan is to keep most of my gear and try to accomplish SPL an SQL. The clock started ticking an hour ago, so without further interruptions here's my current system: Kenwood Excelon Head Unit (4v pre-outs)- About a month old Rockford Fosgate RCA's Hifonics 1000.4 Hifonics Brutus 1700.1d Rockford Fosgate p3 12(2) Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 6x8(4) Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro tweeters(2) Annddddd STOCK Electrical lol
  12. I've reached "Sub-life Crisis" an decided to upgrade my current system for the summer, and most definitely the local comps coming around the corner. My plan is to keep most of my gear and try to accomplish SPL an SQL. The clock started ticking an hour ago, so without further interruptions here's my current system: Kenwood Excelon Head Unit (4v pre-outs)- About a month old Rockford Fosgate RCA's Hifonics 1000.4 Hifonics Brutus 1700.1d Rockford Fosgate p3 12(2) Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro 6x8(4) Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro tweeters(2) Annddddd STOCK Electrical lol
  13. So for starters, its a 99' Honda Civic DX Hatchback that currently has an Alpine head unit, and stock speakers that have been replaced by Kenwoods (all in the current holes nothing else has been added). Currently, the build idea is put a single Alpine Type R 15 subwoofer with an amplifier to fit it, and then sound deadening the whole car, also planning on using the Big 3 as well after everything is settled. (Dimensions of the trunk coming later) (Not trying to win any SPL drags, just have a nice sounding car that bumps.) [The Budget currently is under $1000] Now, onto the interesting part/questions. For the maximum amount of SPL a single 15, or two 12's? Which direction of the port and sub(s)? What brand of Sub/Amp would you recommend or personal favorite? Would you use a capacitor or go with a second battery if any? What type of box would you build? And other then using MDF then fiberglassing it, would you do anything other then that? [feel free to post responses of what you would do personally, no opinions will be shot down, and all will be carefully looked over and thought about.,] So on the fact of sounding like a total noob about everything, some help would be great. Please and thank you, and much love and help as well.
  14. I am slowly putting together my American Bass system. I have 2 AB TNT 12s and will be getting 2 more and 2 AB VFL 100.1s and will be rebuilding a 4 12 enclosure. The box I have now is temporary and was used to test the aero ported style enclosure. Really dig how low this mofo goes. I plan on doing all AB highs and mids too. Slowly but surely this is getting done lol. I tried linking pics of the build from facebook but none of them worked. I will make a youtube vid of the pics and post link later.
  15. Hey so i'm new to the spl competition world and want to ask a few questions. So i have a jetta wagon and have a 39" by 24" by 15" area in my trunk for a box (that will keep the port if facing back about 5 inches from the hatch.) So i was wondering what woofer size and # of woofers i should run to have the most out put? What i can think of so far is 2 12's 1 15 2 15's - (maby like SA 15's or Z 15's who like smaller boxes) 1 18 (will probably get around 6 cubes max after port displacement) aero or slot also i plan on running 2 batteries in total and one amp AQ2200D for now (3500 if i can get a HO alt) I have ran one 15" and scored a 144 Db and now have a daily box with two 15's but is above the window line so i cant compete. so the last question i ask is what classes can i compete in if i have 2 batteries no wall and with the variably being the # and size of woofers? If you can answer any of this and have advice from a vet it would be much appreciated.
  16. In a Hummer H3, 1 atomic apx-18 d2. Would a 4th order (rear chamber 3 cf sealed, front chamber 6 cft tuned @ 72hz 100 sq inch of port 8" long) or a 6th order (i would need some help from the pros) which one would i get the best spl from? thanks
  17. what is the best spl application motor un your opinion? it can be anything. why?
  18. MECA event in Phoenix, Arizona. You can find follow these links for more info. https://www.facebook.com/events/145070372325008/?ref=22 or http://www.mecacaraudio.com/dnn50/Events.aspx Hope to see some of you there, Sorry i couldnt seem to figure out how to post the image or i would have included that. Robert Mundell.
  19. I have 1 Atomic APX 18 D2, Atomics enclosure calculator says to use 6 cft net enclosure with 40 sq inch port 10 inches long, I built this enclosure and is stupid loud!!!! Now my question is this what size round port can i use, and how long to be around the same as the square port? thank you all in advance.
  20. Atomic APX 18

    i Just acquired a atomic apx 18 subwoofer and my question is this, There website has dowloadable competition enclosure specs, and i was wondering if i should follow theres exactly or would something else be more effective, they recomend for there ported enclosure to be 6 cubic ft tuned to 65 hz for spl with port being 120 sq inches 1 inch long, or 32 hz with port being 40 sq inches 10inches long.. or there bandpass with 3 cubic ft sealed and front chamber @ 6 cubic ft tuned @ 72 hz, 100 sq inches 8 inches long....i would like to know if i should go ported or bandpass. and spl is my main objective, but i do drive this daily...thanks in advance guys..
  21. Quick question im having a box built for 2 SA 12's i wanted to know if this box would be good enough for the subs. 1 blow through box for 2 sa-12's 30 1/2(w) x 17 1/2 (D) x 15 1/2 (H) 1.6^ft net per sub tuned to 33Hz. do u this that would be good with a DC 3.0K tuned w/ the SMD DD1
  22. i came across these and wondering if anyone has had a pair...i know you get what you pay for, but they dont look bad... it says they are 700watt rms, 24-260 response, they weigh about 22llbs each.....any input guys???
  23. No, you do not have anything for sale here.... You can not follow simple detailed rules and farther violations will result in a ban. Thanks for your understanding, And just to give you another chance to read the rules here you go. For Sale: Car audio related equipment only SMD Prefered Online Classified Section! NEW UPDATE 2-13-12!!!!! IF THE THREAD RUNS UNUSED FOR OVER 6 MONTHS IT WILL BE LOCKED. ANY INQUIRIES CAN BE HANDLED BY P.M. TO THE O.P. NEW UPDATE!!! 2-24-09 YOU MUST HAVE 150 POST TO POST AN ITEM FOR SALE (that also means you CANNOT sell items through your sig or in the chat room below 150 posts) I only have a one, the rest is common sense. If your not looking to buy a product that someone has for-sale, Do Not Post in that thread, no matter how much you think someone wants to much money or what not. if you know they are scamming then that's a different story, otherwise Shut up, I'm tired of seeing peeps trying to tell people what is or isn't a good price on something they DON'T OWN. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hate to do this but people aren't understanding common sense. 1. Do NOT post dump. - Post dump is an unnecessary post - All items listed for sale must be listed with a asking price for each item - If you hate the price don't complain about, its up to the OP(original poster) to set his price, other wise PM him/her - If you are not interested in purchasing or are interested but do not have the money to purchase the item at the time you see the thread on that item that is for sale, do NOT post - Posts may be deleted without warning - Report to mod button is there for the sake of reporting the thread, USE IT - Repeat offenders will have a short ban from the forum 2. Do not question the moderators - No need to explain this rule, basically don't argue with them 3. Pictures with your name and date on a piece of paper shown with every item being listed is a MUST - if you have time to post you have time to take pics. if not we aren't interested in your thread here. - We have a moderation staff, we don't need 40 members posting that they need pics/150 post minimum or it will be deleted, it just clutters up threads and we have to delete all the random chatter to keep the threads clean. This includes responding to want to buy ads offering your items for sale and posting in response to trades or creating a post wanting to trade your items. You can post a want to buy ad to buy items Anyone caught playing Rent-A-Mod will be sent on a 24 hour vacation. The rules are for everyone's benefit, just read them and abide by them its not hard. 4. References will help your sale 5. Do not bump your thread more than once a day - There is a difference between bumping and updating - A bump is a term used to move your thread to the top of the list - Do not BUMP others threads 8. Do not ask us to delete your for sale thread, they will be here for archive, we however can lock the thread. 7. Respect each other 8. NO FEELERS 9. IF you do no have 150 posts you CANNOT sell period. Nothing in sig either. 10. No links to off site sales other than Hot Deals. If you want to sell it here, make sure the post fits all rules for the appropriate section it is listed in. 11. NO RAFFLES WHAT SO EVER 12. DONT ADVERTISE YOUR ITEMS FOR SALE IN A WANT TO BUY THREAD IF YOU DONT MEET THE CRITERIA 13. If Paypal is used as a payment method, payment is not to be sent as gift. Paying as gift provides no protection to the buyer. 14. If you are a manufacturers rep, you are not permitted to move manufacturers new product without being a part of the authorized reseller list. Please see Tony C(SNAFU) for further information. The rules are for everyone's benefit, just read them and abide by them its not hard.
  24. 2nd Annual Bassheads Meet 2013 Las Vegas

    The second annual bassheads meet is going to go down on January 9th, 2013!! Cant miss out there will be live performances and special appearances.Who will be there? Gotta go to find out but I can assure you they're the best at what they do! Will be an official show by USACI. Its an event you cant afford to miss out on and its all going down on the Las Vegas Strip. Check out the flyer for more information and if you need anymore info just hit me up on here. There will be both an spl comp as well as a car show.Hope to see you guys there. Heres the FB Link. http://www.facebook.com/events/438825319517528/
  25. Hi, I was wondering how loud you think my car gets. I really can only go off of the DB charts and maybe some youtube videos and Rockford's R.A.T.S. website. I was running 2 12" P2s in a ported box facing forward partially sealed off from the trunk. Running them off a T1500-1bdCP @ 4 ohms (1000watts). It got pretty loud rolling my passenger window down a couple inches but I really don't know how loud. Next, I recently have made a "high output" box from Rockford's recommendations for the T0d415. I'm currently running it at 8 ohms on the T1500 for now. It is facing the rear of my trunk as close to the back as possible. My backseat does not fold down but has a compartment door in the seat for access to the trunk. How loud would this be? (Could assume I'll wire it to 2 ohms in the future [1500 watts]). This is in my 98 Chrysler Concorde off a stock 130 amp alt with Kicker 0 AWG for power. Any info and maybe even advice would be greatly appreciated!