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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Crew, I have some questions about setting up my system. So far it consists of: 2008 Chevy Trailblazer LS Pioneer FH-X731BT Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.3 Rockford Fosgate P1000-1bd (2007/2008) Rockford Fosgate PEQ Knob for Bass Rockford Fosgate P500-4 (2007/2008) Rockford Fosgate Punch Pro PPS4-6 Rockford Fosgate Punch P1T-S 2x Kenwood KFC-W3009 Rockford Fosgate 0 Gauge Amp Kit Stinger RCAs Sky High Car Audio Speaker Wire I'm going to be using the 360.3 for active crossovers instead of the passive ones that came with the P1T-S. I'm using 2 channels of the 500-4 for the 6.5" and the other 2 channels for the tweeters in the dash. I'm gonna change that once I get a Punch 200-2. Then I will use the 2 channels that were used for the tweeters to power two rear speakers and use the 200-2 for the tweeters. The first thing I'm wondering is: if it's okay to run the 2 RJ-45 cables used to control the 360.3 and the PEQ next to the speaker wires and RCA cables along the right side of the car. Will this cause any noise in either the speaker wires or RCA cables, or even in the RJ-45 cable? Second question is: what's the best way to ensure that I'm not feeding too much power to the tweeters? They are capable of 60 Watts RMS but my amp is able to do up to 125 Watts RMS. How do I keep the Watts down to keep from blowing them?
  2. Hey everybody, Time for me to join the party! The Harmon Kardon factory system in my M3 just wasn't doin' it for me so I decided to rip err all out and do some WERK! So here's what I started with: I didn't like any of the factory components, so I'm building it head to toe, here's a list of the main components: Mechman 320A (to replaced the factory 120A) One run each (power/ground) of 0 gauge OFC, front to back (stock battery is in the trunk) Two XS Power XP3000's (jumped in on the group buy recently) Alpine INA-W900 (As you will see later, this was quite a battle to install) Alpine Imprint H100 Alpine Sirius Tuner Coax signal cables 12Ga Knu Kord speaker wire for Mids/Highs 8Ga Stinger OFC for subs/highs amp Hertz HSK130 5 1/4" Components Rockford Fosgate Punch200DSM for the highs (OLD SCHOOL from 1993!) DC Audio 2.0K DC Audio XL12m2
  3. Mazda 3 2010 Sedan. Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.3 Rockford Fosgate t800-4ad JL Audio c5 6.5" x 6 Rockford Fosgate p2 8" x 2 Hertz Ht25 1" tweeters x 4 MTX 81001 mono x 2 MTX 9500 12" x 2 Optima D34 x 2 Stinger 0 gauge I have been working on this for a while now. Heres some progress pics. Doors mocked up Bit of fleece ready for resin ;l This was the first attempt at wrapping the doors but i did not like it at all I changed the material, it matches the rest of the door alot better also. i played around with vinyl but i clashed with my interior alot as nothing else is vinyl.
  4. Hey SMD, so I finally came to a decision that I was going to run my setup active. Currently I'm in a build process but will be purchasing more things tomorrow (based on this thread, I'll have some direction) and I need you guys help.. My setup will consist of morel tempo 6 components for my front stage (purchasing this weekend) and 2 SA 12s for my substage running off a RF 1500bdcp. I know to run active I must have a channel to each speaker which means I'll need a 4 channel for my front stage.. My question to ya'll (yes I'm from Tx Lol) is should I look at getting the RF T400-4 or T600-4 ? the tempo 6s are rated at 120rms in which the 600-4 produces 100 @ 4ohm and the 400-4 produces 60 @ 4ohms. This is my first time running active so I'm concerned with the continuous power being with the passive or is it rated 120 either way? Also my concern is with the tweeter and how much power would go to them before frying... I plan to purchase my amp within the next couple days so I need you guys's knowledge so I'm comfortable with my investment... Thanks in advance!
  5. I have a 2013 Ford Escape with the factory 9 speaker SYNC system (not Sony). I installed a RF P2 15" sub along with a Precision Power A404 (old school Art Series amp) and a RF Power 300 (old school) and a RF 3Sixty.3 processor. I used the 3Sixty high level inputs for signal and amp turn on. Everything was fine until the 3Sixty bricked out. I replaced the 3Sixty with an Audio Control LCQ-1. I had zero problems. I sent the 3Sixty back to Rockford (out of warranty) and paid the flat fee for repair. I got a 3Sixty back and reinstalled it. Now I have a serious turn OFF pop. The late model Fords have no 12 volt SWITCHED output that I can find. Ford uses a CANBUS system. The power stays on the processor and amps after you exit the car. The exterior and interior lights stay on after the key is removed. When the interior lights go off there is a loud POP then the power goes off. Then about a minute later the headlights will shut off but when they do the processor comes back on and turns the amps on and then they POP again and shut off. I didn't have this problem with the first 3Sixty or the AC LCQ-1. Did they send me back a bad processor? I tried the turn off delay and that didn't help. There is no audible turn ON noise. Extremely frustrating.
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