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Found 6 results

  1. Well I work at a local auto shop. Just recently the military base has asked us if they can dispose there batteries and tires with us. I told them sure so we have a bunch of plane batteries and tires now. These batteries they have brought us are huge though. They are AGM batteries that are 24V. I have put a multimeter to them and they are holding a steady charge of 23V. I would try to charge it but my charger is a 12V. I am assuming I cannot run it as a secondary battery because it is 24V while the car is at 12V. Does that sound about right? Info on the battery: http://www.aircraftsupply.com/proddetail.php?prod=RG-380E%2F44LS Well here are the pictures.
  2. In the process of getting the above pictured XS Power D975 mounted in the trunk, but, as is sometimes the case, if you want to be near perfect, a brain fart, & I cannot proceed any further until I get a firm answer on the following ... Which is followed by the actual link to the Topic I started here on SMDF to illicit folks' responses somewhat faster, than just with an "Update" on my Build Log. Sooo, ... here goes: " Good afternoon, Folks ... I am sure this is oft-asked, ... but with these AGM batteries, XS' D975 offering in particular, when mounting in trunk, or any enclosed space for that matter, are vapors, fumes, etc., to be worried about? Or should I scheme up some sort of vent system of either a fan or filter, or both, ... or are AGM's different from Flooded BATTs in this regard, & obviously many others? (I would not be asking this if I have not read somewhere - maybe when I first purchased my D3400, that it was OK to mount these in many wacky positions ... just NOT upside-down ... & that AGM's nearly give off no toxic-ness. ... & if so, which way does any of the "offending" gasses escape? Up? Heavier than air so they lay low? As per my install, I am mounting said BATT terminal side up ... as I, & most would, describe as 'normal' orientation. Ready to mount BATT right now, but need to know if I should be fabbin' something first. Thank you ... " (http://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/187377-xs-power-batt-d975-sealed-trunk-install-vapors-fumes-etc/ ) Thank to anyone who chimes in either there or here, or both! Be well ... PS: I am taking many photographs of this upgrade! Hopefully it will basically totally address my issues, & I can turn my attention to other stuff ... on other vehicles!
  3. So I am upgrading from my small, Kinitek HC600 20Ah battery, to a 150Ah rear bank. Was planning on running two, 75Ah AGM's, joined with an aluminum bus bar (copper if my budget permits). I am looking at the AGM batteries on eBay, and see a HUGE price difference between XSPower/Kinitek and the UPG, MightyMax or other cheaper batteries. Is there any REAL performance/durability difference in brand name batteries, or are amp hours, amp hours? These are the two I have been comparing, the XSPower D6500, 75Ah AGM. And the MightyMax ML-75, 75Ah AGM. I mean, to my knowledge, which is limited when it comes to battery banks, they seem to be the same thing. Or is there something beyond Ah I am not taking into account? Links to both. MightyMax http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mighty-Max-ML75-12-12V-75Ah-Battery-Replaces-Braun-AGM1265T-/380994194240?pt=US_Rechargeable_Batteries&hash=item58b5060b40 XSPower http://www.ebay.com/itm/XS-Power-D6500-Deep-Cycle-12-Volt-12V-AGM-Power-Cell-Battery-3900-amps-75-AH-/271420464498?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f31eb9d72&vxp=mtr Thanks! PS: Will be running a Banda ICE 2.5k @2ohms for subs and an MBQuart Onyx 360.4 for mid/highs. Using stock replacement 130a alternator for now, with a large starting battery under the hood (not deep cycle) and Big 3 in 1/0 OFC.
  4. Hello guys/gals, I'm installing the rest of my electrical in the rear today, which consists of two AGM's and the wiring coming from the 3rd AGM up front. All will be run in parallel. Trying to make it look as nice as possible, while keeping it portable. I have to take my subs and electrical out the car when the boss is in town. I know, it sux... Anyway, my question is this. I have a RF Dist Block, (1) 1/0 in, (2) 1/0 out... I wanted to ground to my original grounding point on the chassis behind my back seat, and also, run a ground wire directly to my negative battery post. So, I will have two ground wires, one coming from NEG battery post, one coming from chassis, into the Distro Box. Then one wire to the Ground on my amplifier, a SoundQubed Q2200.1. My other amp is grounded fine up front, so not worried about that one. Do I need to fuse the Batt - to Distro block? Or do I keep all ground wires, even coming from battery, non-fused? I know where to put the fuses on the POSITIVE side, all good there. So, I don't think I fuse the grounds, but I want to make sure for peace of mind. I don't need an explosion in the rear of my car! Any help will be appreciated!
  5. OK folks, we just loaded up on a pallet of XS power products so we have plenty in stock for our XS power battery sale that start today and runs until Christmas eve!! We already have the every-day lowest price on XS power batteries with FREE shipping anywhere in the 48 states. These prices are available any time through our online store. If you want the holiday hookup, you will have to CALL OR EMAIL US for the additional discount!! BUY ANY ALTERNATOR AND XS POWER BATTERY AND RECEIVE A 10% COMBO OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER BUY ANY XS POWER BATTERY AND RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING IN THE 48 STATES PLUS SPECIAL HOLIDAY PRICING TOO LOW TO PRINT !! [email protected] 865-522-6166 1-888-MECHMAN These discounts are take from regular retail prices, and cannot be combined with any other discount. Sale ends 12/24/2012
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