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Found 6 results

  1. I am trying to build a box for 3 12" JL Audio W6. My amps are going to be 2 APMI 2000 watt amps. I think I have it just about dialed in but was wanting some input on the position of my port. My box is going to be 32"W x 14.5"H x 24"D. So 5.16ft^3, I got this using the Torres calc. My port needs to be about 22 inches long to get it to 32hz. I drive a Lexus IS 300 sportcross which is a small station wagon. I was thinking of making the box look like it had 4 subs in it but one of the holes being the 8" aeroport. My concern is the position of the port, will it be ok in the corner of the box or should I think of something else?
  2. Pics inbound! wanna thank TaylorPro over on caco for ALOT of helpful advice.This was my first box build on my own by the way!
  3. Alright, so I have designed my box. 1.72 sealed/3.0 ported. 8 inch aeroport tuned to 42hz. Sub is a single zv3 15, amp as of now is a sundown 1500 (I plan on upgrading to over 3k soon). I have drawn out some box sketches and played around in WinISD and Torres box calculator. Do the box numbers (cft, tuning, port size) sound right? I know theres a lot to play around with when it comes to box designs. I know some people will think "Just build it and see if it sounds good", but Im only 18, so I dont have all the money in the world, so if I spend this money on building the box and it doesnt turn out well, im just out that amount of money. I just want to hear some opinions on the box, good or bad. I've designed plenty of sealed/ported boxes, but just now getting into the 4th order scene. Appreciate the help
  4. Im new to building a box with an aeroport so im needing some help with the build. Im building a box for an american bass hd 12. Ive looked all over the internet for box specs but came up with nothing. I did however find that the speaker is basically the same as the soundqubed hdc3 (old stiff version). I then came across a forum post saying that the optimum box size for spl and overall sound quality would be 3 cubes net, 18 square inches of port area per cube, tuned between 34-39 hz. I calculated a box with a slot port and it would be way too huge for my trunk. My question is what size diameter aeroport(s) should i use? Right now with my lack of knowledge ive guessed one 6".
  5. currently running a skar zv15v2 d1 on a cab1600. second zvx is on its way in the mail with some 8awg. just picked up 4 sheets of 1" birch today. throwing together a 8cft box on sunday for my yukon and trying to figure out which BigAssPort size to order. planning on getting the "VersaTune Kit" to play around with the length/tuning. But trying to figure out what u guys think the best suggestion diameter would be to go with. plan on doing 2 ports, so with some playing around in winisd, shooting for 33hz it seemed like either two 8" ports (@20.17" long) or two 6"(10.25" long) ports is what im looking for? no idea tho, i could be way off, im still fairly new to this. trying to tune around 33hz but do want to play around with lengths and go as high as 40hz if possible. if anyone could give any input on this it would be GREATLY appreciated, as i would love to order the ports as soon as i can get an idea on which would be best applicable
  6. I need some help, im building a box for my american bass hd 12. Im running on a jl audio jx1000/d putting out about 1200 watts cleanly on a 40 hz test tone. When looking for any information on building a box for that speaker, i couldnt find any. My speaker came with a spec sheet and that was it. I can post the spec sheets if it would help. The only information i could find online was that it was very similar to the old stiff style soundqubed hdc3's. Then when looking for those i came across a forum where someone said the optimum enclosure size would be 3 cubic feet net, with 18 square inches of port area per cube, tuned between 34-39 hz. Im just trying to find the optimum size box for that speaker for spl and sound quality. The box i have planned now is an aeroport box design. The external dimensions are 15"x17"x30" with a 6 inch aero 16" long. My question is ive never built an aeroport box before and im wondering what size diameter aero shoulf i use and how long should it be?
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