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Found 13 results

  1. Okay... I know most people hate capacitors..but i like them. Anyways I have two twelves and two tens. I have a 10 farad capacitor. One of my amps only has one set RCAs and the other has two. Can anyone help me on wiring this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Wade
  2. need help with wiring a .5 farad cap to a installed 2 farad cap, can this be done?, ...thinking about maybe one exploding or a short... any sugg or past exp with this, would be great, tnx
  3. just got a 2400 kinetic battery.... should i leave my old capacitor in my car to? so i have from my starter battery to my audio battery, from the audio battery to the cap, and from the cap to the amp? or should i just take the cap out and go straight from the kinetic to the amp?
  4. Here's What I Have In My 2011 Chevy Impala Crescendo BC 3500 2 Re Audio Sxx D415 Wired To One Ohm Yellow Top Battery Under Hood DC Power 300 Alt Amp 0 Gauge Wire From Alt Post To Battery Positive & 0 Gauge Wire From Battery Negative Post To Frame 0 Gauge Wire From Battery Positive to Fuse To Cap Then To Amp Stinger Cap Problems: Lights are Dimming At Idle And While Driving Every Since I Put The New Alt On I Been Getting The Service Charging System Message I Think Its Because of The Juice The Alt Is Puttin Out. The Car Hasn't Cut Off On Me Ever Nor Have I Ever Had Problems With It Starting Like A Dead Battery. I Tested The Alt With The Car Off It Read 12.6 Started The Car And It Went To Like 14.5 So Its Charging. I Think The Cap Is Holding The System Back Should I Remove It? How Do I Add Another Battery? I Have the Other Wire For The Big Three Its Just A Pain To Put On On This Car Any Advice You Experts Can Give Me I Will Be Thankful For It
  5. Hey guys, this is the setup: Stock alt ~100-120amp 14-14.2v stock battery 4gauge from the battery to the rear Pioneer gmd-8601 @ 2ohms(500w rms Class D) 2x kenwood kfc-w3013 2x40amp fuses on unit 2x stock speakers & tweets in the front 2xJVC 6x9's in the rear Alpine MPR-F250 4x4ohms(4x50w rms Class AB) 2x15 amp fuses on unit sony xav63 deck with RCA's to the rear Boss audio CPR3.5 3.5Farrad cap Anyway today i was bumping my setup which has been running fine for awhile and all of a sudden the fuse popped (60amp next to battery). Im wondering what you guys advise as im interested in a self-resetting circuit breaker however if the breaker cuts and the cap discharges then when the breaker trys to kick back in there will be a current surge causing it to kick out again? Im also wondering if i should just chuck a bigger fuse(say 90A) in there. Let me know what you guys think. -Alex
  6. thanks for viewing I just need some help on this capacitor I tend to get very bored and tinker with stuff and I bought a capacitor last year and never used it because I got a h/o battery and I lost the instructions on how to hook it up, so if you guys could post some diagrams of how to do it. or just tell me how to charge it. its a 3.0 absolut cap I bought resistors for it I hope they work.
  7. Ok, so now that the "cap" is out of the bag, I know everybody that is serious about SPL competition has lots of questions. Well, hopefully this helps. Q: Where can I buy these sexy things? A: Loose Supercells are a “direct to consumer” item only, so you will not see them listed on our website, or for sale at any dealer, or online store. Q: Why not? A: Because we said so... Seriously though, ultracaps can be very dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced user. For this reason, loose cells will be sold only to those who are pre-qualified and are already a part of, or willing to be a part of Team XS Power. Along with the standard team agreement, those who wish to purchase cells, will also have to sign a consent waiver to use this product. Q: How much are they? A: The same price as all the other ultracaps, and yes… there will be bulk discounts. We will provide bulk pricing details to those who are qualified. Q: How soon can I buy them? A: We are accepting orders now, however, the first shipments will not be ready for delivery until the end of January, 2015. Q: What makes them any different than any other ultracap out there? A: Nothing. They work equally as well as any other ultracap we’ve tested… they just look way cooler. Q: Why should I buy them instead? A: Because we said so… but in all seriousness, our customers have been asking for us to introduce some new technology, so here it is. And there is plenty more to come! Q: What are the benefits of using them? A: Ultracaps can help reduce the strain on your batteries, helping them last longer. With a properly sized cap bank, you can minimize the effects of voltage loss on your electrical system and improve the overall efficiency of charge/discharge. Q: Can I use only caps and no batteries? A: Yes, but we do not recommend it because there are excellent benefits that both the cap and the battery can offer, so why not take advantage of both and save the most money? After over a year and a half of testing, our recommendation is to use one ultracap bank for every 50Ah of battery capacity for burps, or one ultracap bank for every 100-120Ah for music. Q: What is an ultracap bank? A: If you have to ask this question, you’re probably not qualified to use them. But just to be safe, 6 cells must be used for a 12V bank (16.2V max), and 7 cells must be used for a 16V bank (18.9V max), as each cell is 2.7V each. Q: Do we recommend these instead of batteries? A: No, batteries are still the simplest and most affordable way to get the power you need for most users. However, for those who are serious about competition, ultracaps can help to increase SPL scores in short bursts or short duration. Q: I already have some ultracaps from another company, can I use these in parallel with my other caps too? A: Yes, but as with anything in SPL competition, the more consistency you can build into the system, the better. Q: I’m too scared to work with raw ultracaps, will you offer anything for me in the future? A: Yes, the release of the XS Power SuperCell is mainly to showcase the component parts of our upcoming SuperCell Modules. We have been working on these for nearly a year and a half, and hope to be able to have them ready for official release this summer. The modules will be available through our normal dealer base and will be safe and easy to use for users of any experience level. What do you do next? Well, if you want to buy SuperCells, email us at info (at) xspowerbatteries.com We will do our best to keep up with your requests. If you don't want Supercells, stay tuned for other exciting new products coming along this year!
  8. i understand the hate for capacitors i understand theyre worthless to almost everyone but they have built in volt meters? if this would be an effective way of monitoring my voltage levels which capacitor would you choose? i don't want junk but i don't want fosgate either
  9. I have an all NVX system at 1200w rms including a capacitor. My lights still dim when I turn it up to about 60% volume. I tuned the amp at about 70-75% volume. I want to upgrade my power supply because I have a cheap sears battery under the hood but I don't know which one to get for the best performance for a budget. I've been between yellow top optima (most expensive), kinetic hc1200 (middle), or duralast gold platinum (agm) (least expensive) please help me out or give me another alternative that will work on a budget! Thanx
  10. I've read a bit on the forum and have a couple of questions I'd love an answer to. The first question deals with a video found on this site showing a 1 F capacitor helping dynamic output while a much larger (30 F?) one makes little improvement. The second is one I've had for years seeing 16v and 20v rated capacitors when shopping. I've always been told get the 20v, they're "better", which makes sense from a more is better perspective. But if my thinking is correct, the higher rated capacitor doesn't reach it's full potential until charged to its rated voltage, while the lesser rated capacitor would reach it's full energy storage at a lower voltage. 1) I wonder if the apparent success of the 1 F capacitor tested over the larger one is due to the charging cycle needed after discharge? Is there any rule of thumb on how long it takes to charge from 13.4v to 14.4v per unit of capacitance with a stock alternator? It seems an upper capacitance limit may be practical for a system. 2) Is the measure of capacitance dependent on voltage? If a 20v 1 F capacitor is charged to 14.4v, does it hold the same energy as a 16v 1 F capacitor charged to 14.4v?
  11. I just bought a 2006 Ford Five hundred SEL. I thought that being a newer car, that the electrical would be able to handle what my amp needs without too much upgrades, but i dont believe it does. The problem that is happening is that everything is perfectly fine, until i start to really turn it up. the amp gain is on 3.5 out of 11, and the sub is still wanting more power. but when i turn it up more, the subs stop. i dont think the alternator can keep up with the power it wants, and when i turn it back down, they come back on. do you think that a capacitor would solve this problem? i really dont have the money for an alternator, and would like to use my sub to its fullest potential. I have a Rockford Fosgate p1000-1bd amp, and a FI SSD 15" subwoofer. (will be adding Rockford Fosgate 400 watt 4 channel once i get some aftermarket speakers). I Have the 0 gauge wire to do the big 3, but alternator is in the worst place to get to, so will have to wait on that. any input would be greatly appreciated, and sorry about the long post. Thank you!
  12. 2005 dodge ram 1500 I have this massive triple sub 10", shared lower vent, chambered box 16.5x20x49(with port).... port size is 2.25"x49"x12.5". I have 2 alpine swr-10d4(1000rms-3000peak), and one swr-1043d(600 rms-1800peak). all were previously ran in parallel @ 1 ohm (i think) going to a rockford fosgate t1000.1 power series. Suprisingly it hardely even got warm and pushes them hard. BTW!!= I just yesterday wired in my red top underneath my back seat and i have that wired to the bullz audio 2f cap=> everything wired to that...(i have a normal stock truck battery up front) My questions: 1.Is my port the right length?(can it sound better if made longer/shorter/complete chamber) 2. Is the box itself too big or is it ok? 3. Where can i find a wiring diagram or does somone know how to do 1ohm to all 3 speakers or just two? 4. [would having a diff rms sub on the same 1ohm wire do anything bad?] if so. 5. i have a 1600 boss amp that i've wired into my truck in my current setup of a center console box i made(but it seems to be having a hard time pushing it because it goes onto "protect" mode alot.) 6. should i get rid of my capacitor and stick with just the two batterys? And i have a 1600 boss 800.2 amp and two kicker cvr 12" 05cvr124(400rms-800peak) that im selling to a friend and i was looking for a badass ported box design thats loud going into the back of his old jeep...the available space is{length from back seat to rear door}x{width fromside to side of car}x{height} 25"x35"x15" (If i want to be able to slide it in from the back without him having to take off his top or putting it in from the front) if not then 25"x35"x MIN(15")MAX(30")... My questions:1. I also have some nice component speakers laying around... could i cut holes for them too?[would i need to chamber them completly off from the subs?] im open to any ideas i can make some crazy stuff. My current setup is a center console box with the two swr-10d4's (recently attempted to invert the one closest to front and doesnt sound right) going to that rockford fosgate t1000.1bd... and when i inverted i hooked one to the boss amp and another to the fosgate from the capacitor...but just didnt sound right... i have a problem when they are both right side up... the way the box is made all the air space is at the ground and the sub closest to front gets pushed out further and clips...i also beleive the box is just barely over the minimum for sealed air space. My questions: 1. take out the capacitor= just 2 batteries 2. i tried to invert it? and couldnt find a diagram to reverse polarity but idk if thats what i need to do or what. 3. port it maybe? but how?--- p.s. everything is perfectly sealed on both boxes.
  13. I found a guy on youtube who replaced his car batteries with a series of six (2.5V) 2600 farad super capacitors. Thats a total of 15,600 farads and the ability to charge up to 15 volts. You guys thinking what I'm thinking?
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