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Found 9 results

  1. In the market and just wondering if anyone has experience, good or bad, with their built subs. I know it seems like plenty have success with recones and I presume the built subs use many similar parts, but I have seen a few things online where people have had trouble. I really like the idea of being able to get them built specifically for my application, but have never heard them in person and haven't seen a whole lot of feedback. Also, any idea on response time from them when submitting a request?
  2. Alright, I have never done a review for the most part, so excuse me if this isn't to the standards of other people's. For the back story... About a week or two back I got my (single) Sundown E-12 D4 in the mail. Well packed and only a nick in the side of the box, sub was in perfect condition. My first impression of it was, wow, it has more ass than I thought. Just as PWK said, the pictures online really don't convey the real beefyness of this sub. This is pretty much my first real sub haha, I came from a 2011 model Fosgate P2 12". I ran that in mannny different enclosures, but mainly a 1.2 cube sealed box on 500 watts from an RF Prime R500-1. When I got the sub, I had already built the enclosure for it. I have it in a 2.339 cube box tuned to 32 Hz via 4" aero port (right around 11" long). The box was sitting in my bedroom until I built the false floor for my trunk. For all who own a 2000 Civic sedan, you know how flimsy the original floor is. Now it's 1/2" MDF. For an amp, I purchased a BRZ1200. I'm running the E-12 at 2 ohms, and after tuning, I feel as if I am close to around 650-700 watts when I crank it. After playing it for ~40 minutes at that power the dust cap was just warm. Remember this is a 400 watt RMS sub. I read Skip01's review of the E-15 multiple times in anticipation of my purchase of this sub, let me say, I agree with him. On to the real review... I just want to say wow. This being my first Sundown product, I am EXTREMELY impressed. Not only does it get very loud, but it sounds incredible doing so. Maybe I am just hearing what I want, but it sounds so flat in my configuration, its great. The low low bass, mid, and high bass all sound about the same volume, that in its self blows me away. This thing hits so damn hard too. People always told me with my Rockford setup that it hits hard and is super clean sounding, and I agreed. Assuming that was because of the sealed enclosure.... now, I doubt that thought because it hits harder more accurately in this ported box. I can feel the bass in my whole body, mouth, feet... everywhere when I have it way up. I just can't get enough of this thing. Makes me wonder how amazing the rest of the Sundown line is. Also, it eats all the Decaf I throw at it, on some of the lowest of the low notes, with the driver door open, my back windshield flexes a good couple mm. I don't know if this effect will ever wear off, but whenever I know there is a really deep note in a song (28-35 Hz) I expect there to be some roll off and the note to be quieter... Not with this bad boy, flat all the way down. I can't say anything but positive comments about this sub. I recommend it to anybody in the market looking for a sub that has a great combo of SQ, and loudness on a budget. This is by far the best $110 I have ever spent! Thank you so much Jacob for such a fantastic product, I am thoroughly pleased. And if anybody is wondering, I purchased through SundownOnly.com. Now if I could only afford a Sundown amp and the electrical to back it up haha. And if anybody cares, on my ear-o-meter, I'll give it a ~137-138db. And maybe a 140-142db burp. Never TL'd, and don't plan on it.
  3. Hello everyone. Over the weekend I did a review of techflex. For those of you who don't know techflex is an expandable sleeving that can be used to protect and group wiring. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes and can really help to clean up an install and make things look nice and clean. But does it protect the wire as well? Have a look at the video for the tests!
  4. Got the kicker earbud in the mails today from sonicelectronix. First off id like to start out by saying thanks again to Steve for giving a few pairs of these out on the forums here a few weeks ago. on to the review when i opened them up they came with 3 sizes of your standard silicon earpieces and one set of foam ones. the foam ones are kind of sticky but that might just be from the 900000000% humidity out here. it also came with a nice little carrying pouch. the physical design doesnt seem too bad they dont feel cheap. i am a little worried about what kind of abuse they will be able to take from running and being in the gym. ( i am fairly abusive to my headphone though) plugged them into my iPod right away and played a few different genres of music. i started out with a little decaf just to see how low they would play and if they could handle some decaf. they definitely play some lows so that's a good thing. the bass response is not as much as id like. don't expect it to be phenomenal though being a $20 pair of earbuds. but not bad by any means. they for sure handle bass response better than many other similar priced headphones. next i played a few rock songs mild to heavy songs. they played pretty well pretty clear. at some points they seemed a little bright. next i went to some alternative they definitely perform the best in this genre although again sometime a little bright. after a handful of songs feeling like something was missing a little bit. so i plugged them into my FiiO E6 headphone amplifier. the instantly came a lot more alive. they just seemed all around better bass was a little punchier and the higher frequencies seemed to play a little more clear. all in alll i would say that these are definitely a bang for you buck pair of earbuds. the easily out perform other $20-$30 headphones. although they at time leave something to be desired i honestly cant complain about them. especially since they were freee but i would have no problem paying $30 for them again.
  5. First let me start by saying that I do not sell these amps, and I am not in any way paid to do this. This is just my personal opinion on the amp. Here is a couple pics of the amp So here we go. I will talk about my experiences with them first and then go through pros, and cons. I have had lots of experience with these amps. my buddy ran one in his car for a year and I am currently running 2. My buddy ran his at .5 with 2 35ah batts, a d3400 under the hood, and stock alt. He could play it 24/7 with no problems. never dropped below 12.8, and the amp never had problems. however it did get pretty warm with no fans or anything on it but it never got hot. At one point in time, a fuse blew in his main run and he didn't find out right way and accidentally played it with no power coming from up front. amp still played fine (voltage dropping very low). he ended up selling it (to me) and getting a bigger soundstream amp. I still have the amp and its going strong. In my car, I have two of them. one new one, and my buddies old one. I currently have them running strapped at .5, that's .25 ohm a piece....daily. As far as electrical, I have a stock alt, big 3, stock batt under the hood, a group 31 In back, and a small 35ah batt in the rear as well. so I guess you could say I have insufficient electrical. The lowest I have ever dropped to is 11.6V, ya ya, I know. but this is partially on purpose. I want to see how much I can put these amps through. so you might ask, how does .25 daily treat me. well, I have no problems with it while driving. if I am sitting demoing for a long period of time, they will get hot and protect. but some fans will help with that along with better electrical. I have been running them at .25 for about a month and they are going strong. now one thing to note, I do get some slight feedback playing through the subs because I have them mounted to the back of my seats. for some reason, the cases don't like to be grounded out. they will still play fine, but there is some feedback. besides that, I have no problems. Now lets talk price. Brand new, you can get them for as low as $300, new. They retail for a lot more. some places have overstock and are trying to get rid of them. but from Soundstream, they are a bit over $400. What about power? Do they do rated? well, I cant say yes or no for sure. I don't have an amp dyno or anything like that, but I will share my experience. So in my opinion, they do rated. keep in mind they are rated at 3K at .5, not 1. They make their power when wired low. The internals are similar to lots of other amps that are rated in that general area of power. when it comes to parts, I am honestly not positive on whether they are quality or not. but I can say I have put them through hell, ran them at low voltage, wired them low, and never had a problem (with the exception of the thermal protection circuit doing its job). I can also say that I swapped my xxx which will do 3k at 1 (I had it at .5) with a tarantula 3K and there was no noticeable difference in sound. so I cannot say for sure, but I believe with good electrical, they will do rated. So when it comes down to it, here is a list of pros, and cons Pros Cons Affordable Get hot when ran below .5 (with bad electrical) can be wired low and ran low cases don't like to be grounded (could be an rca issue I have) put out power fairly efficient built strong strapable reliable I will update this if anything changes but when it comes down to it, I love these amps. feel free to ask questions about anything you want here. like I said this is just for fun. Not trying to start anything. anyways, thanks for looking.
  6. So first of all, let me say that this is a subjective review, backed by some testings. Don't expect something ultra scientific - just my opinion on this beast. The subwoofer belongs to a friend of mine. It is a Sundown Zv4 rev.2 15" with NSv2 D2 coil. Here it is next to his Ground Zero Plutonium 15" and next to my humble 12". His car is an Audi A6 C4 Avant. He has an OEM 120A alt (which will be changed when possible), one 70ah AGM battery at the front and three 105ah AGM batteries at the back. He has a GZPA 1.10k HC amp, which claims to produce a bit over 10k at 1 ohm. The subwoofer box was built by me - 4,6 cu.ft. (130 litres) tuned at 32hz with an interchangeable 8" aero. Double layer mdf everywhere and triple layer baffle. And in the car: Now for some impressions. Pictures and videos do this thing no justice! If you haven't seen or touched a sub that big, it literally shocks you. I am very impressed with everything about this thing - the new cooling on the motor, the new surround, the leads.... Let me say that this is the first sundown new platform sub that I have touched with my hands. I can only imagine how big the NSv3 and the Team are... I won't post pictures of different parts of the sub - you have probably seen them already. The cooling is a bit noisy (which I think is a good thing because of the higher velocity of the air that cools the coil - Jacob could chime in on that) but the suspension itself is VERY quiet up to very high excursion. I don't think the leads will have any problems with the power you'd like to throw at it. Mechanically this thing is top notch - the linear excursion is high enough to ensure high spl levels without much distortion and the hard bottom limits of the motor/coil are pretty hard to reach. You will more likely stress the soft parts before the coil gets close to the bottom - we will get to that part later. Thermally - WOW! For a "2000" rms sub this thing cools like a champ! Good job on that! I know that this particular one is with a bit longer coil (from NSv2) but you get the idea. When we first loaded the sub, we expected that it won't require much power and we will have to bring down the gains from the previous setup (GZPW 15SPL tuned at 47hz, wired at 0,5 ohm). Boy, was I mistaken! We only had to adjust the filters a bit. If the power we gave it was clean - no signs of any smell or overheating. It only smelled when the power was clipped. Keep in mind that the sub was rather new on that moment, so It wasn't broken in completely. From then to now there is a night and day difference. With this 10k amp, wired at 1 ohm and with this box, we didn't experience any mechanical trouble near or above tuning. The amp would start clipping before we could stress the suspention enough to turn it down. We left the LPF at 40hz with 12db slope. Of course, we had to use subsonic, but nothing drastic. When the cone exceeds its linear travel, the suspension starts stressing and there is BL distortion, so it gets a bit loud mechanically, but we're talking over 3" p-p. Mechanical limit of the motor is over 4" as you all know - we didn't dare reach it. It's not healthy for the driver either Surprisingly, even with a 32hz tuning and a bigger than suggested box, it played the higher frequencies quite well - was very surprised on that! I wanted to tune this thing at 28-29, but there wasn't enough space for that - we used a straight aeroport and we had to keep an adequate distance between the walls and the mouths of the port. Next box will definitely be slightly bigger on volume and lower on tuning! On its first competition it did 151,7db at 36hz on the dash - driver's door open and with people pushing the doors. It also did 135,6db at 25hz, 149db at 33hz and 149,7db at 40hz. It wasn't broken in completely, but I can't say how much that will affect the scores. We measured the power going to the sub on different frequencies using the clamping method, which is NOT the most adequate way to do this, but it gets the work done. There was NO clipping during these tests, therefore the sub stayed cool the whole time and there wasn't any sign of smell, even when measuring at tuning. I'll just put the numbers we got at tuning (32hz) and at best score (36hz). These tests were NOT done when we measured the system on the competition - when we measure we introduce a bit of clipping to get the score higher. System voltage stayed between 12.3-12.8 during the tests. At 36hz 116.1V x 24.7A = 2867 watts, rising to 4,7 ohms At 32hz 109.9V x 44.0A = 4835 watts, rising to 2,5 ohms I repeat, these tests were done with no clipping and without fully charged batteries. The test tones were played for a couple of seconds to ensure that the sub doesn't have any problems with longer playing on that power. The power needed to achieve the scores I mentioned earlier would have been a bit higher. So yeah, I can pretty much say that on 2000 watts, be it clamped or with a 2-3k amp, this subwoofer will have ABSOLUTELY NO problems (if it is clean, of course). If you keep the power clean and adjust the subsonic properly, you could feed this thing A LOT of power. And that's daily - on burp it could and would handle much more. I don't even understand how people can listen to this with a 3-4k amp for example - it just begs for more (clean) power! If I could wire this thing at 0,5 ohm on this 10k amp (after getting proper alternator) - I'd deffinitely do it. It's better to keep a powerful amp down, rather than clipping a smaller one. Of course, with higher power comes greater responsibility, so I'd have to adjust the gains and filters accordingly, but overal I don't think I'll have a problem and it will perform better than now. Do I recommend on going over the rated power? Absolutely no! At least for those who don't know what they are doing. You will void your warranty and may damage the subwoofer. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed my review! Here's a little "shirt" trick for finale. Wait a bit for the good part.
  7. I was planning on getting 2 sets of cadence components for $80+shipping. Has anyone used these before? And what is your review on them?
  8. Just wondering if anyone has used these http://store.crescendoaudio.com/mezzo-series-6-5-reference-2-way/ I've seen a few on the CZ series but that's about it. Let me know what you guys have heard
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