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Tristan560 is a SCAMMER BEWARE!


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Here's the most recent messages, since I had to go through facebook and it took multiple days to get a response. His first response is as follows:

Feb. 13th, 2011, Tristan- "Look dude. I recently had sugery to basically save my life. All my money is going towards medical bills to stop thekm from going to collections. I really can't give you all your money at once...I'm in a real shitty spot right now being 21 with over 80k in med bills. If you don't believe me ill send you a pic of my 16in scar down my stomach to prove it. All my toys are sold, I've got shit right now. I mean i can paypal you like 20 a paycheck if you'd like... I'm truly not a scammer just life at the moment isn't the greatest. Hit me back...we can try to work somethin out."

Feb. 15th, 2011, Me- "***** is the paypal"

Feb. 15th, 2011, Tristan- "That's all ya gotta say? After reading such lovely words about me I'm not so sure. Now all of a sudden there's a rip where the leads are woven? Hmm... kinda sketchy that both speakers I send you oddly have problems with the vc's. Hmmm... and I've got witnesses here also that know they were good. Not sure why I would INTENTIONALLY sell you something and ask you after I sold you them if you had hooked em up to see how they sounded. And I'm sorry but 6 months later and you got these from a business you wouldn't be getting any money or comepensation. Why should I? The more I think about this the more shady it sounds on your part... just sayin."

Feb. 15th, 2011, Me- "Think what you want but they sat in my closet for 6months unused... Maybe they were fighting each other in the box? I've never blown any speakers, ever. I didn't even hook this up... and they wouldn't even fit in my ride so I'd love to know how I could even use them."

March. 12th, 2011, Me- "So I'd like to know, you gonna make this right or not?"

Edited by wL<3bass

Vehicle: 1997 S10 Blazer 4dr 4X4

Exterior: Rear End Bagged, Black Grill, Lifted 2"

Amplifiers: Rockford Fosgate T8004 & T10001bd

Batteries: 2 Stinger SPV35, Kinetik HC2400

Electrical: Big 3, DC Power 290amp Alternator w/ MLA at 15.5v

Enclosure: 4.2 ft³ @ 33Hz 84sq.in. of port (20sq.in. per cube)

Headunit: Eclipse CD3200 w/ 80G iPod

Mids/Highs: Rockford T152s (a-pillars), Rockford T162s (doors)

Subwoofers: 1 15" Fi BL Fully Loaded

Wire: All 1/0g Kicker Hyperflex

My YouTube Videos

My Fiberglass A-Pillar Build

My "Seamless" Looking Box Build

My DD1508 T-Line Bandpass Build "Seamless" w/ Acrylic Windows (for '05 TrailBlazer)

My Stealth 8" Fiberglass Build (for '05 TrailBlazer)

My Build For A Friend's '08 Cobalt 15" BL Sealed Off From The Trunk

My feedback/references...

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