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Official siccostyle feedback

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just recently ordered a DC lvl 4 with lvl 5 soft parts from him and it came here on time, and safely. Would def buy from him again.

2 DC 12" lvl 4s

1 DC 1.2k

XS Power S3400

big 3

Alll KNU wire

Pioneer HU

cheapo Legacy coaxes (just for now)

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Purchased a SoundDigital SD250.2D Amp. off David (siccostyle). Excellent communication from start to finish. We exchanged feedback and other vouches prior to payment. He even toke a updated verification photograph with his user id, date, and my id. Also, provided the tracking number on exact date as stated (early in the morning). The amp came in prompty, shipped out on mon. came in on wed. Overall, he is a Rated A+ seller and will definetly do business in the future.

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I bought an oscope from David. He shipped it really fast, and responded to texts fast. I'd definitely feel comfortable buying from you again. :good:

On 5/8/2011 at 7:38 PM, Kranny said:
On 5/8/2011 at 7:35 PM, 'Maxim' said:

It hurts me inside when I read stuff like this and remember you're 15

LMFAO so true


Mitsubishi 3000GT (Old Build)

Headunit: Pioneer 80PRS

Frontstage: (2) McLaren Audio MLT-2 Tweeters & (4) PRV Audio MR Series Neo 6.5" Mids

Substage: 4 15" Hybrid Subs - Tantric Motors & Sundown Softies

Amps: Banda 2.4D Amp (Tweets), American Bass VFL 350.4 (Mids), and (2) Ampere 3800s

Electrical :Singer 260A Alt & JY Power Lithium


2005 Chevy Colorado Ext Cab

Headunit: Pioneer 80PRS

Frontstage: 4 PRV 700Ti Tweets & 6 10" Delta Mids on 3000wrms

Substage: 6 Fi BTL 18s in a 4th Order Walkthrough on 3 Wolfram 4500s

Electrical: Singer "390" and JY Power

My Official Feedback Thread

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Very cool guy. Had great communication through texting. Bought an Alpine CDA-9887 from him on caraudioclassifieds.org. Shipped it out immediately after I paid, and texted me the tracking number right away. The deck was in great condition as described, with everything included. Good packaging as well. A+ transaction! Would be pleased to do business with him again.

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