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How is their stuff measured?

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Ive always been under the impression that "9 sq feet" meant a sheet of material 9 feet long by 9 feet wide but Ive ordered stuff from other online shops before and it came as 9 feet by 1 foot so I need to know how Second Skin measure their products.

Mainly looking at their Damplifier Pro and Overkill Pro

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or you can look at it as a sqft is 1 foot wide 1 foot long so 9sqft is 9 squares that are 1ft x 1ft

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as on the website damp pro is 12" x 20" (1.67 sq ft.) overkill pro is Sheet size = 24" x 54" (9 sq. feet)

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theres no such thing as too expensive when it comes to upgrades like that, because imo if you are gonna spend to upgrade then do it correctly rather then be a cheap ass ricer
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Miss 4th grade math much? :peepwall:

I lulz


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