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Your first amplifier - what was it?


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First aftermarket 'power'.

1988 Sentrek power booster EQ.

First 'amp'.

1989 L.A. Sound 4x50. Owned it for 14 hours until the store opened back up the next morning to return that POS. Hiiiiiiiisssssssssssss. Miserable.

Upgraded to a Precision Power 2025AM (black). Paid more for 2x25 than I did for the 4x50 but I haven't bought a cheap amp since. Lesson learned the first time. Ran my whole setup until I switched to a Punch45, which I ended up running in the IASCA 50watt class. Wish I still owned both.

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Static drops are my bag.

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kicker xs100.

rated at

50x2 @4

125x2 @2

250x2 @1

500x2 @.5 ohm



we did bridge it at .5ohm and oh boy did it heat up but it just pounded away on 3 old school JL 12w6 dual 3 ohm. Amazing amp, true surfboard amp. still have it mounted on the wall in my basement. need to send it back to kicker to get repaired. but it'll always be in my collection along with some JL audio slash series amps v1

2013 Ford F250 CCLB XLT

Bone stock work truck for now

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Paid $90 for a slightly used 300w MEI back around 92 or so... Rescued 2 15" Realistics that were were destined for a landfill bc of ants snacking on the surround... but being a young, desperately poor visionary, a couple coats of "all purpose" caulking n voila. I was bumping lolol. Surprisingly, I never managed to blow em... Then I stepped up to a Coustic 360 on 2 12" pyles... loved that amp

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My first amp was an Autotek 44 bought and installed back in 1993. The shop that I bought it from hooked it up at 4 ohm stereo to 2 Savard 12's with no crossover. I was young and stupid and thought it sounded awesome (awesome means loud).

Five years and two vehicles later, I brought the amp to another shop for an install with new subs. The tech came up front to show everyone the amp and they were offering to trade this or that with my amp.

This tech hooked it up the correct way and I was blown away. I wish I had kept this amp, but gave it to a buddy of mine about 10 years ago. Live and learn I guess.

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