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Your first amplifier - what was it?


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crossfire vr4000d beast of an amp




92 explorer

- 4 Atomic Apxx 15s duel .7s - 4rth order bandpass wall -4 powerbass XA-3000D's - 16 8volt batts wired to 16 volts - (9+/9-) runs 0gauge - 152.3 Db @ 29hz

current build

97 chevy lumina4 - 1 Atomic Apx 18 - 6 cube slot port trunk sealed off - 1 powerbass XA-3000D - 2 optima G31s in spare tire18 1 run 1/0

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memphis 16st1000D i belive was the model number.

an older m class 1000 watt amp.

2006 F-150

4 DC XL M2 18's Walled Daily Driver

XS Power

4 DC 3.5kw

Team DC

Team S.P.L.

Lot of Audio Technix and 1/0

DC Audio Dealer

American Bass Dealer

XS Power Dealer

Audio Technix Dealer


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Rockford Fosgate Punch 250aII. That would have been sophmore year. Aww, memory lane.... Had it on a Punch XLC, then whent to a JBL GT. Until one day, poof, all smoke and no thump thump. That was in the school parking lot going to lunch. I will remember that day forever. If only I knew then what I know now... LOL!!

<>< Collosians 2:13-14, Philippians 4:13, 1 John 4:7-10

2 - JBL W15Gti

2 - JBL BP1200.1

Knu 1/0 Wiring

Kenwood KIV-BT901

Kenwood/Garmin Nav.

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Had this running a pair of JVC by9's behind the seat in my 81 ElCamino back in 90. God i feel old now lol

Daily Driver 1999 Kia Sephia

Kenwood DNX-893s
Audison Bit One Processor
2 Dat 4.125's
Sundown Audio SCV-6k
Hertz hsk-165xl's Mids running active                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Focal V30 Series Tweeters running active 
Sundown Sa-8 v1's in the doors
2 Sundown Zv5 12's 
Lots of Hushmat
Big 3+ and 3 + & 3- runs of Trystar 2/0
2 Dc Power Engineering 320 HP Alts

2017 Comp Vehicle
2006 Toyota 4 Runner
Kenwood Excelon DNX-893s                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Audison Bit One HD DSP
4 Sundown Sa 6.5v2 Component Sets 
Focal Access 6.5 2 ways
Sundown Audio Sax-50.4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sundown Audio Sax-100.4
2 Dc Power 370xp
Northstar agm27f
Northstar agm65
2 Northstar asmagm 480's
2 Dual 1 Sundown Nightshade v3 12's
2 Sundown SCV-7500's
All SMD Fuse Holders
Shitload Of Sundown 1/0

120 sq ft Second Skin Damp Pro

No, Its Not A Burp Truck!!!!

2016 Season 3rd place in Xtreme 1 At Finals

2016 Season 6th Place In Kaos 1 At Finals ( Blew The Subs Up In First Round Eliminations)

2 Kansas State Records Set In 2016 In Xtreme 1 And Kaos 1 In Midwest SPL


David said:

audio is a lifestyle, not a hobby

I cant read a tape to save my life... 1/2's are ok, but other marks confuse me
only men who cant read a tape, take it in the ass
you sir, get a pink hard hat on jobsites

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Alpine MRP-M650 I think that was the number. Had it ona pair of rockford P2 12s then a pair of tc sounds TC1000 12s the sold it and got a rockford T1000.1bd

Vehicle-2014 Ford Fusion on 20" cruiser alloy obsessions
Subs-4 8" sundown audio E8v3

Sub Amp-Hifonics Brutus Elite 1200.1
box-2.8cubes after all dis tuned to 32hz 4" aero
Mids and highs-2 sets of Memphis PR 6.5 components

Mids amp-Hifonics Brutus Elite 800.4
Deck-Factory Integration
40sqft of damplifier Pro



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7 years ago, in a old beater saab 900 turbo (83 mod, 203000 miles on the clock)




And a pair of Cadence 6x9`s

Up front on a Pioneer deh-4500: http://www.audiogearreviews.com/reviews/speakers/review-Focal_Access_165_a1.asp

All cadence wiring and rca :)

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