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Your first amplifier - what was it?


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Here is the beast that hooked me on teh power....


That's not mine... mine has long since been traded off for something else but, mine was mounted just like that under the dash of a '70 El Camino SS. It was driving a Cerwin Vega 10" woofer with the groundbreaking new technology called dual voice coils, along with a pair of Kenwood 6X9s, a pair of 6" full range drivers I robbed out of an old Soundesign home stereo system and a pair of Realistic super tweets, all of which were mounted in a wedge box behind the seat.

Being the experimental sort that I was and having heard that a completely sealed enclosure was the best, I painted the cones on the 6" speakers with rubber cement so no air could leak through the paper cones. For a 15 year old kid with no money to spend, I still think it was a decent system, although I'm sure it sounded like shit relative to today's OEM sund systems. :-|.

And the source for this powerhouse was this little gem:


Traded a Kenwood half din with a digital PLL tuner for this one, because I didn't want to cut the dash on the Camino.

Those were the not so good old days. :-)

EDIT: I just noticed that the pic is a Punch 100. Mine was a Punch 40 but the chassis is the same. I'd have given my left nut for a Punch 100, lol.

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Dunno if I commented on this but I started out with a JL e2150and a JL 8W3V2D4 in a sealed wedge truck box in my 2000 Dodge Dakota....that didn't last long.


NoFearX18 said:

Nick will bang just about anything.....LMAO....pun intended

On 4/13/2010 at 9:51 AM, meade916 said:

i was like DAMN, Chode is hardcore! he makes james look like a friendly person LOL!

trainman0978 said:

I dont know who is worse with the buttholes Chode or Big P...





Team Deadly Hertz / Team DC Audio / Team XS Power


DuckretaryFEAR THE DUCK Durangho Chodes Blowthrough Build Youtube vids Muh Wife


Need DC Audio? Hit me up for pricing!!!

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Pyramid PB717X 1,000-Watt 2-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier three or four years ago off of amazon before i started researching into everything and upgrading to real power. Someone gave me a JL 12" 300 watt sub and in my single cab truck at the time i thought i struck gold!

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Cadence Sweet poison A7000+ 2 feet of beast when you don't wire it to 1 ohm on 4 15s LOL

No 1 But me paid for this stuff and NO FREEBIES so no brand names (No Free Advertisement )

A SQ head unit

6 5.25

2 X 6x9s




1 34s (Maybe time to change brand)

4 X 15" s

!/0 @ 2/0 OFC Wiring

:morepower1: :morepower1: :morepower1: :morepower1:

ill say it like i always say it. F##K the DD-1. I don't care if you or anyone buys one. (well i do, but that isn't my point) Get an O-scope in the very minimum and learn how to use it or you are just guessing your settings like every other noob. :) once you master the O-scope then step up to a DD-1 or even better a DD-1 Plus.

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Mine was Kraco 100 wart amp. Me and my brother bought it from Montgomery Ward in 85 or 86. Paid Like $100 Bucks For it.

i love this sh--t man 1966 Ford Fairlane Pioneer prs 80, the big three, with 2 big azz agm batts, dual 270/200 amp alts , two 8'' mids and tweets in the kick( PPI phantom 600.2). two 10''s and tweets in the doors, two 10'' mids and tweets in the rear decK ( Lanar opti 500x2). 2 C2 Audio Threatcon 4 12s on a Crunch GP3000d. No crossover .

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