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that Amp "behind the glass case" - What amp DID you want that you NEVER got?


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the autotek 7600

Good Call! I ran a pair of them in my Mustang - one bridged to each of a Kicker C-18. I also had a slew of other Autotek amps in it. I ran the ones with the blue labels though. That was in the days when a BIG amp had an 8 AWG power wire. LOL . . .

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i am not the only one but the us amps vlx400 or the ppi a1200 art series

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90 honda civic lx 4 door

sony cd head unit

mmats mp5 eq/crossover/line driver

35 farad hybred cap

ppi sedona 430ix on mids/highs

hifonics brutus brz1700.1d @2 ohm 1200w rms

front/jl audio evo 6.5 components

rear/kove audio 2 way 5.25

subs/pioneer premier tsw3002spl 12x2 1000wrms ea 3000w peak

and a hi amp alt 160a


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a soundstream davinci. just a good looking amp imo



x2 on this. I've always wanted on too.


  • Alternator:
    1. Stock alt on mids/highs
    2. Isolated DC Power 270 SP - Charging @ 16.8v
  • Batteries: (2) XS D1400s
  • Power Cable: Double Runs of 1/0 KNU Kolossus Fleks
  • Headunit: 80-PRS
  • Sub Amp: DC 5.0k
  • Subwoofers: 2 RE MT 15s /PSI dual .7ohm recones
  • Subwoofer Enclosure: 9.1cubes @ 32hz - brutal.
  • Mids & Highs Amp: CT125.4
  • Active Components:
    • Mids RE XXX 6.5c
    • Highs - 3 RE XXX tweeters per side(A pillar)
  • Noise Control: Damplifier Pro all over the cab.

Build Log

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Highest Legal Score: 151.0 db
Highest Musical 30 Second Average: 151.6 db
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Hifonics Colossus series VIII, never had the space in my trunkcar to fire sub´s of the time with this amp.

And realy not the money to spend equivalent 4000 $ on amp and 2000 $ for Optima redtops to the money of today.

The american caraudistuff and those AGM batts was and is redicoulus high pricey, against what you have to pay in the US.

And on the original Power 1000, there was nothing to dream about so high where the prices in Europe. Only the scandinavian guy´s

had the money for those. But only why beer and booze was so expensive that they didn´t drink.

Went with a Hifonics Atlas series VIII and 1 red-top



Dreamamp before was a Hifonic´s Zeus VII


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"in the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty" Bob Marley

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Can't say there are any that I wanted but didn't get but there is one that I had 2 of that were stolen and I would love to have another pair of them now but rarely find them and when I do people want way too much from them. Alpine MRV-1507. Not really sure why I want them again because I have better amps but for some reason I can't seem to let it go.



He was taunting me. He's all like "come at me bro!" So I'm like "I'm coming at you bro!" And he's like "hey, fuck you" *chomp*. Then I killed it. I win.

^^^ you have truly taken being a lazy fuck to a new level tonight, an MRE. WOW

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