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Thought i was going to get robbed....

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So i wanted to make my dodge charger cooler , So i got lambo doors in the front then i was like man i really want to do something with the back doors so i decided to get gull wing doors .So i wnet to the auto loc website and bought their kit ,It came in the mail i looked at it and i was like this looks strange ...but what ever i took it to a shop long story made short their kit wouldnt work.Here is a look at their return policy all i can say is WOW have a look

By entering the return number on this paper you

agree to the terms and conditions of The Hoffman

Group warranty and return policies. Please contact

your rep for details on these policies, or reference

your warranty card. See some details below.

- Please sign a full copy of the RA ticket and include it inside the box with a copy of the original receipt showing

purchase location, price, and date. If there is no receipt or signed RA ticket in the box your box will be refused or

returned to you and your credit card will be charged return shipping and a $10 fee. If you have no credit card on file we

will hold your box for 30 days then destroy it.

- All boxes require a full copy of this RA Ticket on the outside of the box. Any boxes without a valid RA ticket on the

outside of the box will be returned to the sender.

- To expedite the processing of your return / warranty please make copies of this RA ticket on secure them to 4 sides of

each box you send back.

- If an item is not covered by warranty you will be responsible for return shipping and any cost associated in testing or

processing it.

- All returns that arrive after 30 days from date of purchase are none refundable. These items will be returned or held for

30 days then destroyed.

- All returns are subject to a minimum of a 25% restocking fee.

- There is no refunds on shipping, duty or none product fees .

- The maximum liability The Hoffman Group is responsible for is the total amount of the purchased price of the The

Hoffman Group items.

- The Hoffman Group is not responsible for lost or damaged items caused from shipping.

- There are no refunds on electronic or custom made items.

- All returns items must be in resellable condition, and include all original packaging, parts, and instructions.

- We will only hold your package for 30 days. After 30 days your item will be destroyed or your credit card will be

charged for return shipping and storage fee of $10.

- Returns may take up to 6 weeks to process.

Please Note



Signature Date

Print Name

Notice the min 25% restock fee ? key word is MINIMUM so in theroy they could say 75% ,I was smart i called and talked to a buntch of people and they SAID that they where going to give me a full refund thank God !!! Heres todays leason SMD buyer beware

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Hoffman Group is very reliable and takes care of their customers...exchanges are honored without question, and most refunds are handled quickly and without issue


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