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Downloading some now. If you are taking requests you should do Just Dance by Surrender The Dance Floor

Edit: Or do something from Black Veil Brides like Knives and Pens or Perfect Weapon

But these are some damn good songs!

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I hope she was meaning that to you. Any who.... You dont say you wanna have dinner in the first damn post. talk to her first. I say find out if the status was torwards you..

Here try this...

"Hey hows it going :)( notice smiley face makes everything better ) I saw your status. "You are far from usual".... So is my dick... Wanna Fuck tommorow???"

Or send her message saying "hey" she replies back "hey" when this happens reply Wanna fuck (INSERT ADDRESS HERE)

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Sticks and bricks sounded good normal... I will definitely have to try your version!

EDIT; 2nd sucks too... These are two of my favorite hard songs... Thanks!

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