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DC Audio 1.2k specs?

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As stated above expect it to put out what an AQ 1200d does which is 1200watts RMS @ 1 OHM, thats what it will most likely be rated at since its called a 1.2k could you see more then 1200 im sure you could.

i think dwright was tryin to say its better than aq without sayin it haha

Threw a little edit in there :drink40:


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You will get 1200w at a reactive 1 ohm load and 12v. Are you going to see this power, probably not unless you have found a way to defeat box rise without wiring ridiculously low to start with, if you have found this please pass on the information.

Just because you buy a 1.2k, 2k, 3k, 5k and so on amplifier, doesnt mean you are going to get that actual power from the amp. The best example I have personally dealt with is 4 Powerbass 3000s([email protected] 1 ohm) I was clamping 1500w of clean power per amp because I had box rise to about 3 ohms.

If you are building a daily beater, rise isnt something you really need to worry about, only if you are planning to compete and need to squeeze every watt possible out of your amps.

If you choose to go with the 1.2k it will be worth the wait.

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Month or so.

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will they take 1/0 or 4 gauge wire?

i would assume 1/0

but only cause dc has the go big or go home attitude

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You won't really hear a difference between this amp and an Aq1200. Both are solid amps, but you won't hear a difference in, say, 200watts. But it's DC, so you gotta go with it :D


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I want to use this in an install i have coming up and want to see what size wire to buy for it.

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