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GUESS The weight of the suburban!!

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9354 lbs

First System

2002 Impala LS 3.8L V6, 128,365k miles.

Alternator: DC Power 190Amp H/O Alternator

Headunit: Kenwood KDC-BT945U.

Speakers: MBQuart 6.5" Comps, 6x9 3-way.

Amplifer: Eclipse 3322 on front 6.5 components, and a Infinity Kappa One @ 2ohm- 800w

Subwoofers: 2 REAudio SRX12D2 wired to 2 ohm.

Box: 3.1cuft box tuned to 33hz. sealed off to cabin

Big 3- done with all Knukonceptz KCA 0 gauge.

Don't drop below 14.1v at full tilt. :)

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If math serves me correctly should be right at 7260

he wouldnt be the first to say they did a 167 with a system like that (one that clearly DOESNT), but i have to say, he didnt beat me anywhere, ive never competed against the guy. If he thinks his does a 167, mine would probably put him in a coma. :hairtrick:

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14 Batts @ 46lbs each = 644 lbs.

15 Subs @ 55lbs each = 660 lbs.

12 sheets of 3/4 MDF @ 88lbs a sheet = 1056 lbs.

350 lbs. of wire

Another 35 lbs. of screws

115 lbs. in front speakers

3 lbs. of paint

75 lbs. in glass/resin

2 lbs. in glue

5 lbs. in terminals

And another 8 0 lbs. in amps

I'll guess 8125 lbs...

Didn't he use Birch? And your 100lbs higher than my guess on wire.



beer sucks...but i can bring some jose cuervo. Only problem is that it makes me horny and gives me the rams. So unless yall wanna fight and then have some great make up sex i will leave it home.

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