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GUESS The weight of the suburban!!

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Damn had a few there that was pretty close guys


8,500lbs lol

Good stuff huh? Lol

Thanks guys ;)

Wow your almost to the gross weight of my truck. On my door it says 8900

I still need to come visit to see that damn thing! If you still got it in the shop haha.. since school got out I havent been down that way much


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My as millage is actually still about the same highway was like 17-18 on the way back from Ohio...

And to think we only did half my batteries and half the amps lol!!! After we do the steel roof and add steel to the floor where it's flexing like crazy and add 200+ sqft of deadner to the doors roof an floor... Then we will be pretty heavy lol :ninja:

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idk if im late or not ...

1 lb bob

lol no 6999

lol yep late, that was fun for 10 sec..

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1337 metric tons.

But really, 7801.

Lol wtf it's 8500? Good god.

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3. Don't put speakers outside the car unless you are the ice cream man.

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