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Driving around Alabama with my Cobra I have a RIDICULOUS amounts of false positives. It's super annoying. The only reason why I put up with it is I'd rather get a false than not be warned. My Cobra's range has started to suffer through the years and usually when I get an alert... it takes some quick thinking to react.

So I too am in the market for a new one and have gotten to test out some RDs that my friends use.

I'd recommend a Beltronics RX65, it's about 300 bucks but one of the best at what it does. It also supports POP radar detection (the kinda gun that they can pull the trigger on and it's INSTANTLY on and when they release the trigger it's INSTANTLY off. (which is how they try to defeat radar detectors. (The idea behind it is that if they can turn it on and off, that those with radar detectors won't get adequate warning- if any. Chances would be if your RD is going off that you've already been gunned, but often times your detector doesn't even go off.) This unit is completely VG-2 hidden (radar detector detector- Say that five times fast.) which is one of the reasons behind it's price. It has DSP so false positives are minimized drastically.

But if you need to save more, the Vector 955 is around 160 smacks and is damn reliable. It too has POP detection and all the other nifty features of the RX65, but is not as sensitive, and more liable to give false positives (however I've noticed Beltronic units don't give as many and have a HUGE range in comparison to my Cobra)

Midranged is the Vector 995, Same features, more range than the 955 but it comes with KU band like the RX65 (not in use here in the states as far as I know.) and POP Detection. And with Digital signal processing it eliminates the majority of false positives. (when driving with this and the RX65, I never had a false positive where my little cobra was always going off.)

If you live in an area were radar detectors are *ahem*... not allowed.....check out the STi Driver. Complete radar detector detector immunity.

Personally though, to keep the look of my interior clean I'm thinking I might just drop a bank on a Escort 9500ci and put it the ashtray of my Mazda. It'll be off the dash and I can make a nice clean install. Whilst not calling attention to thieves. In addition to putting it in the dash where they can't get to it. :lol:

Hope this helps out a little!

Oh and just be aware that Driving with a Radar Detector on a Federal Installation is a Felony (if I remember correctly- regardless its something you don't wanna mess with). So that means turn it off and stow it when you're going on Army, Navy, Air Force, whatever bases. They are also illegal in D.C.. Some states govern their use as "legal" but if you get pulled over for speeding they will ticket you for having a detector as well. It sort of falls under the "Radio Scanner" laws that make it a crime to use Radio Scanners in committing crimes. Check your local state statutes.

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I use the cheapie cobra detectors from BB or walmart. They do their job and let me know well ahead of time that radar is being used. They usually last 2 years then I just flip $40 for another one.

A lot of cops do use POP radar or Lidar guns. But they are usually sticking out like sore thumbs when they're using them. Try to watch out 1/4 to 1/2 mile ahead of you for cops parked on the side of the road, since that's about their max range in the real world. Don't pass going up hills or around corners. Try to stay in the right lane unless passing people. Also don't speed through little towns and in neighborhoods, that's just not nice.

I haven't had a ticket in 9 years, and I consistently do 10+ over on the highway. In Texas. I also used to drive twice a week through Waldo Florida, the most notorious speed trap in America. Most of the time (people won't admit it) that people get pulled over was because they weren't paying attention, even when using a fuzzbuster.

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Rebuild. Less quiet. Still not loud.

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