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looking for an 8 inch sub


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Lmao. The dd is the best 8 out right now. Period

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You asked what brand the $65 8" was. It's Elemental Designs. They dont seem like a bad company. They also sell 45mil deadener for a $1/sq ft and 80mil for $2/sq ft.

I have yet to see a person with knowledge of deadener say eD's deadener is any good.

I never said it was any good. Just putting that knowledge out there. I have 50sqft of it right now just cause but havent used it because I'm not about to get out there in 100+ degree heat and the only shade being inside my car...

That's the best time to put it in.

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1 - Linear Power 2202IQ Modified ( Components )

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4 - RE Audio SX12D4


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